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Ruby Lin as Fu Jing Jing
Wallace Huo as Lu Yun Xiang
Hao Lei as Fu Ming Ming
Sun Xing as Cheng Gao
Li Li Qun as Lu Ming Kai
Huang Meng as Fan Yang
Liu He Nan as Tan Li Na
Lu Yang as Yang Xin Hua
Chen Luo Qian as Xiao Chen
Zhou Xiao Li as Wang You


Fu Jing Jing is a blind young woman who takes the subway to work everyday at a radio broadcast station. Her parents died when she was young in the same accident that cost her her vision. Yun Xiang is a struggling artist. One day Jing Jing is robbed but she can’t chase the thief because of her eyesight. Yun Xiang helps her get her purse back. This sets off a chain of meetings that eventually bring them together.

What will happen when they discover that they are from each other’s past? Yun Xiang discovers that he has a life threatening disease. Will this tale of love end happily?

Every since watching this drama I’ve become a fan of Ruby Lin. Although her acting in her various works are not always consistent, I felt that she did very nicely in this drama. Although this was a Shanghai drama, I felt that there were many elements of Taiwanese drama incorporated in here. Overall I really liked the mood created by this drama but there were many aspects about the story that could have been better. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched this drama so I can’t remember much of the details about the other characters.

You can stop reading here if you think what I will say might give any near spoilers.

I’m really not sure which drama came first, this or Sound of Silence, but they really seemed similar in the aspects of the plot. The female actress plays a role where she has some bodily defect, in Ruby’s case, her eyes, and the male lead had some sort of terminal illness. The story is a bit cliche but I think the drama really evokes emotion that other dramas lack.



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