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Picture courtesy of Drama Wiki.

Joo Jin Mo as Yoo Jin Ha
Park Ji Yoon as Sul Ri
Wang Ya Nan as Nam Gong Jun Kwang
Niu Li as Jin Yuh Jin
Kim Kang Woo as Shu Jun
Wang Zhi Hua as Kwang Pu
Park Shin Hye as A Li Shui
Yan Kuan as Yoo Kang Wook

Fantasy, Romance, Action (Wu Xia)

Yoo Jin Ha, Sul Ri, and Jun Kwang are entwined in a tragic fate. Because of their parent, all three are thrown into a terrible destiny that is filled with death and secrets. Yoo Jin Ha is the sole heir to the Bi Chun Manual, a unique sword skill that had been passed through his family for generations. Because of scheming and power hungry officials, his parents were killed and he and the Manual disappeared.

Years later, Jin Ha meets Sul Ri and Jun Kwang. Sul Ri falls in love with Jin Ha but Jun Kwang loves Sul Ri as well. What will happen when the past catches up with them and the greed for the Bi Chun Manual arises again? Will Sul Ri stay true to Jin Ha?

I myself have not yet finished watching this drama, but I just wanted to let people know that this is out there. I am currently working with With S2 to help translate and time English subtitles for the Korean release. Hopefully more people will start to watch this.

Because this drama was a cooperative project between the Chinese and Korean cast, the way the action sequences and plotline are created follow a very Chinese/Wu Xia look. This is very different from most ancient Korean dramas so if you are unfamiliar with this genre then you will definitely want to check this out. I will score this when I finish watching it myself.

Finally, finished BiChunMoo subbing project. Thanks so much to With s2 for their support and man power. Love Emily. 🙂

I can now say that both versions have their pros and cons. The Korean version cuts out a lot of the deeper background story so this makes the Chinese version have more depth, but I really do think that the 14 episodes really cover a good deal so you aren’t missing too much. I can’t say I enjoyed this series immensely because it gets a little draggy around the middle. I did like the first and ending parts where Sul Ri gets some action on her own.

JJM and PJY were a nice casting by the person who played Jun Kwang really felt like a miscast. Sung was and PSH were a nice cast but something just seemed missing from the whole project. I felt that Shu Jun’s attitude the whole drama was a bit over done and Yu Jin was a bit unbelievable as a character. I enjoyed the movie better than I enjoyed the drama but PJY is really a beautiful character.



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