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Sound Tracks
Since some people couldn’t download the songs, I didn’t want to have to send it to everyone. You can listen to it here.

胭脂雪 Rogue Snow
[Fan Bing Bing] 胭脂雪 Theme Song

新不了情 C’est La Vie, Mon Cheri
[Fiona Sit] – 新不了情 Insert song
[Jane Zhang] – 新不了情 Theme song
[Gao Na] – 撕了那封信

Pure White Love
[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 第一百天 The 100th Day
[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 纯白的爱 Pure White Love (Start & End Theme?)

Up On Stage
[Sweety] – When I have a Dream – Wo You Meng Xiang De Shi
[Sweety] – Ending Theme – Love is Just Like This? Ai Shi Zhen Me Yi Hui Shi

Shanghai Bund
就算没有明天 Even if There is No Tomorrow
歌未央 Echo

Sweet Relationship
[周渝民] – Ai Shang Zhe Shi Jie Falling in Love With this World

Imee Pop Up Streaming



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Hong Jia Ling as Li Tian Ai
David Chen as Li Xiang
Jason Chang as Benson
Fang Zi Xuan as Emma

Romance, Dance

Li Tian Ai lives together with her brother Li Xiang and barely manage to get by. Ever since she was born, her mother and brother supported her fully in become a dance but she never knew why. No matter how little money the family had, they always let her continue dancing. Xiao Ai enjoys dancing as well but because of her poor background, her basic form is not perfect but she has innate talent. Her greatest idol is Emma, who is a professional ballet dancer who became famous overseas.

One day, while Xiao Ai hurries toward her ballet audition, she sees a man standing at the top of a tall building who seems to be ready to commit suicide. Disregarding her audition, she pushes through numerous guards to get to the roof and stop the man, whom she later finds out is Benson, the CEO of a very large corporation. Little did she know that her idol Emma was Benson’s ex-girlfriend. This fateful meeting sets off a chain of events that would forever change their lives.

Why did Li Xiang and his mother support Xiao Ai so forcefully to learn ballet? What happened between Benson and Emma in the past? Could Li Xiang have something more than brotherly feelings for his younger sister? Will Xiao Ai ever dance on stage with Emma?

I only decided to watch this series because of the actress who played Xiao Ai. Although I have not seen her in any other dramas, I’m a real sucker for characters like her. Her innocence and innate talent for dancing are both very attractive.

The acting done by the male cast was utterly disappointing, well, let’s not say disappointing. I thought it was horrible. It’s a Chinese drama so they should actually try to get actors who can speak Chinese fluently. I felt that the character of Benson was extremely mis casted. I guess in Mainland dramas it is not uncommon for the male leads to be a bit weird, but I thought this was really weird. He didn’t suit the role at all. I felt that he wasn’t suitable as an actor as well. It was really awkward how the drama tried to use so much English. As for the actor who played Li Xiang, I won’t really comment too much in detail. He was in many Taiwanese dramas such as Green Forest and Only You, I felt that he was much better in this drama than his other works, but then again, I usually see him as a side character.

I really loved the theme song and ending song of this drama that I went out of my way to look for them.

When I have a Dream – Wo You Meng Xiang De Shi
Ending Theme – Love is Just Like This? Ai Shi Zhen Me Yi Hui Shi
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The episode starts out with Xiao Mei calling Hao Yun. Something has come up with their housing, they’ve been scammed! The real boss there says he’s never rented the place out. Hao Yun’s brother tells Hao Yun her father is calling her to breakfast.

Hao Yun desperately wants to find the boss. The manager there has no idea where the boss is. He knows nothing about it and tells her to leave.

Hao Yun asks Xiao Mei if she can squeeze into Xiao Mei’s apartment for a few days, but Xiao Mei has her own difficulties and it seems impossible.
Xiao Mei: Didn’t your father say he wouldn’t let you live out of the house?
Hao Yun says that she and her dad had a long argument over moving out and that she is too embarrassed to go back and tell her father that she’s been scammed.
Hao Yun: Dad! Please just forgive me.
Boy: My ball…

Hao Yun: I’m back.
Dad: I’ve already heard all of it.
Hao Yun: Who told you? What did they say? Dad, it’s actually not like that…
(Hao Yun thinks her dad has already heard about her getting scammed)
Hao Yun: It really wasn’t my fault!
Father: Do you want to move out and live by yourself that badly?

Father: Your mom told me everything, that you wanted to live somewhere out of your brother’s shadow.
Hao Yun’s father allows her to move out but orders her to live well. Hao Yun tells her dad that she’s thought it over and that she shouldn’t do things her father doesn’t want. He tells her she should prove to her parents that she can live well by herself. Hao Yun suggests her mother can’t live without her, but her father says they’ve already discussed and they, as parents, can’t hold her back. Every excuse Hao Yun tries to make is shot down by her dad.

Hao Yun’s family sees her off and say their farewells.
Younger brother: I’ve given you a gift now, don’t you forget to give me my allowance on time!
Father: If you are having trouble, just move back.

Hao Yun tells Xiao Mei that she originally was going to walk out and then say she wanted to move back, but when her father said, “If you have trouble, just move back,” she didn’t have the face to go back. Xiao Mei says she will ask her (step? god?) mother if Hay Yun can stay over just for a few days. Hao Yun is overjoyed.
Hao Yun: Where have we met, hey! kid!
Zhou Ming: Are you talking to me?
Hao Yun tells Zhou Ming to watch his mouth and asks where his parents are.
Hao Yun: You ran away from home?
Hao Yun: Where is your mother? Still won’t answer?
Zhou Ming: I don’t have a mother.
Hao Yun: How about your father, where is he? You must have a father.
Zhou Ming remembers who Hao Yun is, the pianist. He tells her his father was the groom. The person who gave her the money was his uncle. Hao Yun declares that since her benefactor was so nice to her, she has the responsibility to send Zhou Ming home. Zhou Ming doesn’t want to go home.
Zhou Ming: I can’t breathe at all in that house.
Hao Yun: You too huh?
Hao Yun takes Zhou Ming out for a fun day.

Zhi Hao reads a letter from Zhou Ming.
Letter: Father, living with you all this time I was very happy. Goodbye.

Zhou Ming: Sister, everyone is looking at us.
Hao Yun is biking in a no biking zone. 😛

The police officer tells Zhi Hao not to worry and that Zhou Ming can’t be far. He tells him that just in case Zhou Ming was kidnapped, Zhi Hao should have his cell phone handy. Ming Wei calls Zhi Hao telling him the director, his father, is angry. Zhi Hao says he will explain later.

Xi Yan and other businessmen talk about one of their projects. She tells them of an interesting new opportunity. She tells them to trust her in following up.

Hao Yun says children don’t always listen the first time. She will take Zhou Ming home anyways.
Hao Yun: Your father will worry.
Zhou Ming: Aya, being a person is so troublesome.
Hao Yun: You sure have a good mouth. That’s right, your life and my life are very similar.
Zhou Ming: Sister, did you run away from home too?
The police apprehend her and tell her she is a child abductor.

Zhi Hao: Where do you want to go?
Zhou Ming: The sea.
Zhi Hao: Why do you want to go there?
Zhou Ming: My mom is there.
Zhi Hao tells Zhou Ming that only his loved ones can enter this garden. He asks how Zhou Ming could do this to him.
Zhou Ming: Dad you are so bad, I want my mom!
Zhou Ming thinks its his fault that Xi Yan left the wedding. He tells Zhi Hao that without Zhou Ming, Zhi Hao would be very happy.

Note: I actually have the entire series on FLV, but its not a standard format so making softsubs for it will take more time because each episode needs to be converted. Anyways, I’m not thinking that far ahead yet since I am subbing another project at the moment and I’m doing that while working on Uni work. Sorry if I can only release slowly like this in my spare time.

If anyone is interested in dling the FLVs let me know I’ll see what I can do.

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