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Lee Seo Jin as Shin Ryu
Im Joo Eun as Yoon Ha Na
Ahn Seo Hyun (안서현) as Ha Na (child)
Lee Jin as Lee Hye Won
Park Ji Yeon as Yoon Doo Na
Kim Ji Won as Doo Na (child)
Park Gun Il as Jung Shi Woo
Kim Sung Ryung as (Ha Na & Doo Na’s mother)
Kim Gab Soo as Baek Do Shik
Yoo Yun Suk as Baek Joong Chan
Lee Kyu Han as Seo Jun Hee
Chu Hun Yub as Kim Yoon Oh
Jung Da Sol as Kan Ho Sa
Jun Bo Ram as So Yi

Horror, Tragedy

Shin Ryu is a renowned criminologist and criminal profiler, but because of his own past and the loss of his family, he has a different sense of justice: vigilante justice. He sees bad men in society use their wealth and power to free themselves of their crimes and so he begins his own judgment of those criminals. Lately a number of horrific murders have taken place in the area and Shin Ryu is set on finding the culprits.

Ha Na and Doo Na are sisters, but an uneasiness floats about the family because of a traumatic experience that Ha Na has when she is a small girl. Ha Na is susceptible to the presence of spirits of the dead and can see the world of the dead.

Without meaning to, Ha Na becomes involved in a case of bullying, and because of her involvement, her sister Doo Na dies. This is just the beginning of the tragedy. Ha Na becomes overwhelmed by a horde of dead spirits. Shin Ryu accidentally discovers Ha Na’s strong connection to the spirits and begins to control her using hypnotism.

How will Shin Ryu and Baek Do Shik’s battle play out with Shin having control of Ha Na and the angry spirits of the dead? How many more will die in this struggle? Is this vigilante punishment all in the name of justice? Who is this Shi Woo and why does he have such a large collection of knives in his room?

Due to a number of reasons, I have been hard pressed to get any drama viewing in, but I finally managed to snag the short season of Soul. I must say I was very impressed…at first, and the end it just kind of turned into a “must finish this series because I need to see how it ends” mantra.

Not so much because of Lee Seo Jin, I enjoyed the first five or six episodes of this drama immensely. I was so engrossed with it I had trouble waiting for the subtitles to come out. Thankfully Haru Fansubs did finish the project and here I am giving a review on it. Im Joo Eun did a terrific job as Ha Na. Horror scenes are definitely difficult to act out right to fit the moods, but she seemed to have done as well as any I supposed. More so than the acting, I loved the storyline. Probably all of you are familiar with my love of tragic heroines and I think Ha Na fit the model very nicely.

All of the supporting cast were very well filled, even the youngsters. I feel that the whole mood of the drama was very consistent all throughout and the whole thing felt very solid. The ending became kind of tight I supposed, predictable too, and I guess the ending did do the drama some justice but it still left me pining for more of what happened afterward. The theme song was also very very nice:

Anyways, I don’t have time to write more, but I loved the drama mostly! 😛 I think for the most part the viewership ratings totally misrepresent its solidity as a drama!



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