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Episode 4 Part 1

Zhi Hao: You, who do you think you are, causing such a ruckus in my house?

Hao Yun: You think I like being here? China is such a big place. If I have the rotten luck of meeting you again, I’ll become your servant. At that time, I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Even my dog has never kissed me…but that lucky idiot (stole my first kiss)!

Xi Yan: This time, I come looking for you…is on behalf of the LJ company.

Ming Wei: We have already given the project to another company. Have they not notified you?

Xi Yan: I think, you guys must have some other reason. This issue has nothing to do with Zhi Hao, please do not worry, I will follow my promise to marry Wang Zhi Hao.

Father: Hey, stand right there!

Zhi Hao: Me?

Father: Hey youngster, when you bump into someone, you should apologize before leaving.

Zhi Hao: Oh…sorry.

Father: Hey, wait, you wait up! You must apologize again, genuinely.

Zhi Hao: I’ve already apologized.

Father: What kind of attitude are you giving me right now. To someone old enough to be your father, apologize again.

Zhi Hao: Okay, I’m sorry.

Father: You…

Zhi Hao Father: How come I haven’t seen the coach yet.

Ming Wei: He should be here soon.

Zhi Hao: Father. I’m late.

Ming Wei: No problem.

Zhi Hao Father: Coach You (Surname)!

Hao Yun Father: Chairman, how are you?

Zhi Hao Father: Us two old men should meet more often.

Hao Yun Father: Isn’t that so. How come you haven’t been to the soccer field in awhile? Your complexion doesn’t seem quite good.

Zhi Hao Father: Really? It can’t be. Your observation skills are not as great as they used to be. How can my complexion be bad? Come come, let me introduce you to someone. Zhi Hao! This is my son. This man here is the coach of our soccer team, Coach You, he is also my old teammate. What are you standing there for, hurry and greet him.

Zhi Hao: How are you, I’m Zhi Hao.

Hao Yun Father: You Zi Guo.

Good Good.

Hao Yun: I’m sorry! Am I late?

Worker: No no, there’s no more time, hurry on in and change.

Hao Yun: Uniform? If I knew beforehand I would have gone on a diet!

Worker: Hurry up and go change, don’t stand around here.

Random Guy: Miss Hao Yun!

Zhi Hao: Sorry about earlier, I was too rushed.

Hao Yun Father: I as well, I was too aggressive. ??? I’m sorry. If you have time stop by the soccer field. Your father and I have practiced there many times. Now, I want to see your ability. Ah, now I should call you, Mister chairman.

Zhi Hao: No problem, mister coach.

Voice: Everyone, please let me announce, LJ’s new soccer team chairman, Wang Zhi Hao. Now it begins.

Zhi Hao: Hello everyone…hello everyone. I am very grateful to everyone for coming to our LJ soccer team club. I am very thankful to everyone.

In the bathroom.

Zhi Hao: Dad. Why are you drinking tap water?

Zhi Hao Father: No no, I was just rinsing my mouth.

Person: Manager, shouldn’t the head of the soccer team be yours? If it’s like this, ??? (too tired to figure it out now haha sorry guys)

Hao Yun: Earning money is so difficult. Just then, I was scared to death. How can I be so unlucky. Poor you (she means herself)!

Hao Yun Father: Soccer is a sport all about kicking with the legs.

Chef: Sir! I’m sorry. This lady suddenly ran into me.

Hao Yun: What? Now you are pushing all the blame on me? How can there be a man like you pushing the blame on others. Are you saying that I have eyes on the back of my head.

Chef: Hey Miss, you still can’t just back up like that?



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I’m sure how to create a poll, but I was trying to see what the interest level on a subbing project for this drama was. It’ll most likely be subbed off the RMVB’s if I can get a hand on them.

If there are any other Mandarin dramas that need subtitles you can suggest it here as well.

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Jang Nara as You Hao Yun
Shawn Yue as Wang Zhi Hao
Yang Xue as Lin Xi Yan
Yan Kuan as Wang Ming Wei


Jang Nara is You Hao Yun, a young woman who leaves Korea with her family and settles down in Shanghai. Her family seems to be close knit and caring, but there is always the shadow of her dead brother weighing on them. For years You Hao Yun has lived with the guilt of being alive while her brother is gone and finally she seizes the chance to move out into the world. Pursuing her dream of being a pianist and singer, she tries to live on her own in Shanghai and ends up meeting a CEO’s son, Shawn Yue, who plays as Zhi Hao.

Seemingly by fate, the two constantly collide with each other in the most unexpected places and one thing leads to another. Unknowingly Hao Yun becomes the nanny of Zhi Hao’s adopted son. Living in the same house, the two begin to develop a relationship, but Zhi Hao already has a fiance. How will this story progress and what happens when Hao Yun’s father discovers the truth? Will Hao Yun ever step out of her brother’s shadow and succeed at her own dream?

I enjoyed Jang Nara’s performance very much. Although she is growing out of her cute roles, she still manages to portray a young and naive girl, but one with a very mature outlook on life. Throughout the entire drama, I felt she did an extremely good job and I think that she was able to show how her character matured and developed through the story. Shawn Yue on the other hand was a weak character throughout the whole drama, even out-shown by the secondary lead Yan Kuan. He seemed very mellow through the whole drama without any real accomplishment other than to react to all the other supporting cast. The non main roles were very nicely done by both Korean and Chinese actors and actresses. Having seen many Korean dramas, I recognized a good number of veteran adult actors and actresses playing the family roles.

All in all I thought the plot was very interesting. I really enjoyed Jang Nara’s performance. I felt that the sections that covered the uncle and friend’s side love story was a bit draggy but other than that I think this is a very good drama to watch, not to mention the theme song and other songs sung in the drama were really great, especially the songs by Jang Nara herself.


[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 第一百天 The 100th Day

Ok, after searching a bunch of Chinese websites, I was able to find a medium quality version of her song. (Slightly better than radio quality. I really liked this song. If you can’t seem to download it leave me a comment here and I’ll re-upload it. If you find a better quality one let me know. Also, if you know where the other songs in the OST are please let me know too! Download Sendspace.

[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 爱情的方向 Love’s Direction
[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 纯白的爱 Pure White Love (Start & End Theme?)

I’m currently looking for these songs again. My hard drive died over the summer so I’ve never had a chance to find them again. I’ll have them in a couple of days. They area however still uploaded on my IMEEM account under haywires.


Watching Good Morning Shanghai Online:
Watch 1 Episode at a time
Watch 1/2 Episode at a time

English Subtitles: Here

If you cannot read Chinese, you can ask for help. It’s simple enough. The full episodes at once load a lot slower than if you watched by half episodes, but I think the quality for the full episodes are a bit better. I haven’t looked through all the play lists so I can’t say these are the best quality ones on the site, feel free to search around yourself.

If anyone has access to episode downloads please let me know.

Episode Translations:
Episode 01 Part 1 Summary
Episode 01 Part 2 Summary
Episode 02 Part 1 Summary
Episode 02 Part 2 Summary
Episode 03 Part 1 Summary

Which style do you prefer? Part 1 is more summary, Part 2 is almost line by line.

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