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Note: I apologize for the roughness of the translation. I didn’t edit and I didn’t check up any phrases. This is purely my understanding of the drama by ear.

HY Father: Hao Yun that girl, she must know what today is. Why isnt she back yet? Well then, see how I punish her.
HY grandma: Sister, you are back.
HY Father: Count yourself lucky today. If you didn’t make it back in time I would have grounded you for a week. Do you hear me?
HY: Yes.

HY mom: Next time come home earlier.
HY uncle: Hao Yun is sure punctual, today especially, she got back on the minute.
HY grandma: Sister! Cai Yu brother is back, Cai Yu.

Doctor: You can’t be too strict. Things ended up like that can you blame Zhi Hao? Being his father you should be more accomadating. Don’t be hard on him all day.
ZH father: I have never beat him. Three years old is young, seven years old is old. This kid, I have no more expectations for him.
Doctor: Old man, I understand. This is you not speaking what is on your heart. Being a parent, you can’t be too critical of him. Zhi Hao is a pitiful child. If you give him a little trust, I believe he can be very successful.
ZH father: Forget it.
Doctor: If you can take half of the atitude you are with Ming Wei and direct it toward Zhi Hao, then all will be good.
ZH father: Ming Wei is takes care of business very well by himself.
Doctor: I am very clear. You have some guilt toward Ming Wei, but Zhi Hao is a pitiful child.
ZH father: Alright thats enough.

ZH father: Come on in.
ZH: Call grandfather.
ZM: Grandfather how are you.
Doctor: How are you too.
ZH: Dad. Call grandfather.
ZM: Grandfather.
ZH father: Have you seen todays paper.
ZH: No.
ZH father: Look at it well.
ZM: Dad!
ZH father: Why did you bring him here? Where do you think this is. Is this a theme park? There’s nothing about you where I can be satisfied.
ZM: Grandfather you are bad.
ZH: Hey, don’t be impolite. Go wait outside.

ZH: Whatever you say is fine, don’t say it in front of the child.
ZH father: Hrmm, you are sure responsible for that kid. Why can’t you think about the company? You miss work whenever you want. Don’t tell me that your mood is bad because of the wedding and ask for understanding. I will just look down on you more.
ZH: The thing about the wedding is indeed my error. But I really have difficulties.
ZH father: Difficulties, who in this world doesn’t have difficulties. Is this company a playground? Are you here for vacation? Being stood up at your wedding by a woman, being careless at work. What exactly are you thinking? Why do you live in this world? This is weird, how can you be my son? Bastard. How is your new project progressing?
ZH: We are almost seventy or eighty percent done with the new project.
ZH father: You listen up, I want to give you a new assignment. I want you to take over my job of managing the soccer team. Alright, I’ll give you two days time to consider, then come and give me your reply. You can go back now.
ZH: Then I’ll leave first.
Doctor: Zhi Hao. (JIA YOUUUUUUU :P)

Doctor: Wang sir, how can you treat Zhi Hao like that?
ZH father: I don’t know either. I just look at him now and get so angry.

HY father: hurry, keep up. You youngsters only ran 100 laps and are tired like this, even giving me this kind of sour face. Listen well, although each of your names is important, the team name on your back is even more important. Don’t think that just because you are good yourself that you can command the field. Soccer isn’t a solo sport, its a group effort.

ZH father: ahh, our problem is that we are both lonely.
Doctor: That’s enough, why are you still smoking? It’s never too late. What you need to do now is get hospitalized and accept the treatment. Good, get to the hospital immediately and set your surgery date.
ZH father: Are you afraid I’ll die already?
Doctor: Old man, that isn’t my meaning.
ZH father: It’s alright. Isn’t human life just like that? This is death and that is death. Even death is in between. It’s too bad we can’t let other people know, otherwise many things will be affected, especially this companies future plans.
Doctor: Don’t worry about this point.
ZH father: I’ll leave first.
Doctor: I’ve told you all the facts already, you two talk.
ZH father: That…Xi Yan, what happened to her?
MW: There was a project meeting at that hour, she was the project manager.
ZH father: Yesterday was her wedding day!
MW: Yes, she originally was not going to go, but for some reason, she made a big change of mind. In regard to this I am very sorry.
ZH father: What are you apologizing for, I already heard bad things about this young lady, but I didn’t think she would be this outrageous. Zhi Hao this bastard is really useless. He can’t even control a girl well.

Doctor: What are you still smoking for? It’s never too late, what you need to do now is to get hospitalized.
MW: If theres nothing else, I’ll go back to work first.
ZH father: Tonight, let’s go back and have dinner together.
MW: I’m sorry, I already have an appointment tonight director.
ZH father: Only when it is the two of us, you don’t have to call me director.
MW: Yes. Father.
ZH father: That’s good, you can go back first.
MW: Ok. I’ll leave first.

HY father: Whats the matter? You just said this place was good a few days ago.
HY mother: Look at mother, sometimes she is clear minded and some time she is confused. If something happens how will I be responsible for it?
HY father: How long will you keep acting like that. (toward HY?) Either keep studying or find a job. I don’t know what she is thinking.
HY: That…I know I can’t keep acting like this. So I made a decision. Dad, I want to move out.
HY father: you want to what?
HY: Move out.
Uncel: what out?
HY brother: HY sister says she wants to move out by herself.
HY father: I’ll pretend I didnt hear anything.
HY: I’m not joking.
HY father: You dare to keep saying that?
HY mother: HY…
HY: Iv’e already rented a place with my friend.
HY father: what?

HY father: I’ll tell you clearly, this can’t happen.
HY mother: Quick, tell him that you understand.
HY: No, I want to move out. Dad, dad, just promise me.
HY father: You bad girl, you dare to defy your father.
Uncle: calm down brother, calm down.
HY mother: You won’t say anything? Hurry up and say you are wrong.
Uncle: HY, hurry.
HY: Moving out alone isn’t a big crime.
HY father: What are you saying, you can’t even raise yourself and you bring up independence. You should learn from others, keep going to school or find a job. If you don’t do that you will always be thinking these thoughts. Don’t you know that your life was traded with your brothers?
Uncle: If Cai Yu saw use like this he must be really sad. HY, HY, just pretend nothing happened.
HY: Please promise me.
HY father: bad girl, bad girl.
HY grandma: Bad man, bad man!
HY father: come with me.

HY father: I’ll give you three chances. If you can’t score in three tries, you can’t ever talk about moving out again.
HY father: This society is not that easy.
HY father: The daughter of a soccer coach can only kick to this standard? Come, one more shot.

HY: dad…
HY father: A competition is a competition. You lost so you cant ever bring up moving out.
HY: Thats too unfair. This is just a race between a rabbit and a turtle. The competition was decided at the beggining for the rabbit.
HY father: what do you want to say?
HY: I want to say, you are a soccer coach. If we measure using soccer of course I cant win.
HY father: Then do you want to compete with the piano?
HY: That’s not my meaning.
HY father: Don’t keep finding excuses. Speaking frankly, only people with ability can win. If you aren’t happy, go practice. For example, find a job at a big company, or meet a good man and get married, work hard like that. If it’s like that, your parents are willing to lose to you.
HY: dad.
HY father: leave.

HY mother: Are you alright?
HY: I’m sorry.
HY mother: Your father isn’t doing this because he hates you, he has high expectations for you thats why. You want to move out this badly?
HY: I can’t breathe. It should be my older brother. This place, should have been his. It should have been my smarter and more obedient brother.
HY mother: HY!
HY: Mother, you can still cry. For me, every anniversy of his death, I can’t cry at all. Even crying will let me feel guilt. I want to live a normal life out of his shadow.
HY mother: Go to sleep first. I have never thought about that once, how good it would be if you were your brother. You can live so well, I already thank the Gods. That incident happened so long ago, let’s just all forget it.
HY: Mother, some things can never be forgotten no matter how long.

HY: Brother!


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