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Hu Ge as Xu Ran
Tang Yan as Tang Qi Qi
Roy Qiu as Wei Xiao
Dong Xuan as Feng Lu Fei
Van Fan as Jiang Dong
Qi Wei as Ye Rou
Chang Chih as Cui Da Bing
Yumiko Cheng as Xiong Jia Jie
Liu Hui as Mr. Tang
Li Tao as Jian Dan
Gao Lei as Zhao Ning
Xu Zhen Xi as Zhang Da Yu

Drama, Romance

Eight years ago Xu Ran watched as his girlfriend died in his arms, his company’s ideas exploited and stolen by a mysterious organization existing only in the shadows. Eight years later Xu Ran is once again at the peak of his career. His mind is as sharp as ever and his ability to think ahead and get things done has made him very successful at his new company. Just at this moment the shadowy organization once again intervenes in his life and threatens to take away all that he has regained. Alongside him in his fight against the mystery organization is Wei Xiao, a seemingly cold-hearted and aloof policeman.

Still unable to forget his ex-girlfriend, Xu Ran meets Tang Qi Qi, a plain and simple girl with no dream and no plans for the future. Her kind and naive personality get her in trouble at her work place and also with random strangers. One of those strangers is Xu Ran, whom Qi Qi finds passed out on the side of a stone path. Thus begins their relationship, which is tested by the appearance of Feng Lu Fei, the daughter of the head of an enormous business empire.

A battle of wits and risks emerges as the different people around Xu Ran try to bring him down, the mysterious organization and also his once good friend Jiang Dong. Will Xu Ran fall in love with the normal and caring Tang Qi Qi or the ambitious princess Lu Fei? Will Xu Ran be pushed off his throne once again and reduced to nothing once again? Who is this mysterious organization and what are their plans?

I would like to say right off the bat that I enjoyed this drama a lot, but I still found certain elements lacking. The acting was great by most of the cast and the music was great but I felt that the story took a turn for the worse halfway through. The drama started out on a strong footing and got my interest quickly, but I didn’t really like how the story progressed. That is not to say that I did not like this drama. There were some really great parts and there were a lot of different themes covered through the interactions between the characters and also their struggles to get along with each other.

Almost every character in the drama undergoes a huge transformation. Sometimes it is not noticeable but if you think back to the previous episodes you will realize that nearly every major character changed in someway. The story covers great insight into class struggles between the rich and poor, the dreams of the working class, and also importance of making choices and accepting the consequences.

Let me talk a little about the different players in this drama. First off Xu Ran, played by Hu Ge, was a very dynamic character. I did not pay too much attention to him, but it was easy to see that he had to fill a variety of roles, which he accomplished. He is the protagonist of the show and supposedly very intelligent and charismatic, though imperfect in other aspects such as when interacting with others. Tang Qi Qi was the character who worked out for me the least in my mind. I felt her character was a bit unbelievable and many times the things she did or thought seemed a bit too carved out simply to drive the story of the drama. Ye Rou and Wei Xiao were by far some of the best performances in the drama. Roy was able to capture the unique personality of Wei Xiao and Qi Wei also captured Ye Rou perfectly. I felt the two really played the roles that were given to them and had great chemistry as well. The character of Cui Da Bing had the most humorous role of them all. He did a wonderful job as the oppressive superior. The character of Jiang Dong really seemed to grab the essence of the perfect nemesis. Many times I’d try to read into his character and just when I seemed to think he had finally changed for the better I find that he once again slides into his role as the antagonist very well. Quick props to Li Tao and Yumiko for also playing great support roles and helping to set the mood for the whole drama. Li Tao as the secretary Jian Dan really portrayed some of the darkness of human nature, however in the end we find that it is the environment in which they live in that causes them to act as they do.

In conclusion I must say I really did like how the drama started out. There is an abundance of character development and a lot of great scenes, but I felt that the drama lacked a lot in the development between Tang Qi Qi and Xu Ran. The majority of their scenes were probably just misunderstandings or tense feelings. There were not enough moments between the two of them to really let me feel their connection. There is excessive use of alcohol but then again lots of movies and dramas have that. I definitely found the side stories much more engrossing than the overall direction of the drama. About halfway through the primary drive of the story kind of loses its footing and we become lost for a bit. Then all of a sudden the organization comes rumbling in again for the finish line. I think some parts of the drama lost track of proper drive and got caught up in many mini stories.

I recommend that you do check out at least the first third of the drama, and if that leaves you curious as to the ending then by all means finish the drama. If the first few episodes don’t interest you then the last few probably will make you hate the drama.



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Hu Ge as Yi Xiao Chuan and General Meng Yi
Ren Quan as Yi Da Chuan
Bai Bing as Princess Yu Shu
Chang Chih as Gao Yao and Zhao Gao
Zhang Meng as Gao Lan / Xiao Yue (Yu Ji)
Tan Kai as Xiang Yu
Jin Sha as Lu Su
Zhang Wei as Gao Jian Li
Chen Zi Han as Lu Zhi
Allen Ting as Meng Tian
Li Yi Xiang (李易祥) as Liu Bang

Romance, History, Drama, Fantasy

During an excavation, Da Chuan and his father discover an ancient box with a keyhole on the lid in the shape of a tiger. Da Chuan’s younger brother Xiao Chuan, a restless photographer who spends his life playing around, mysteriously happens upon an ancient necklace with a tiger shaped jade pendant. While running from his hot blooded girlfriend Gao Lan, Xiao escapes behind the security of his brother’s dig site. At the same time, a group of artifact thieves break into the compound and steal the box. Xiao Chuan, along with Gao Lan’s older brother, Gao Yao, chase the thieves and finally catch up to them. The two of them get the box back but when Xiao Chuan inserts his necklace into the key slot of the box, the two are teleported back 2000 years to the Qin Dynasty. Da Chuan, his parents, and Gao Lan begin the search for clues on where the two have disappeared and why there is a group of people constantly trying to block their path.

With knowledge from the future, how will Xiao Chuan and Gao Yao survive in the ancient Chinese civilization? Will they become a part of history and become prominent figures in war and politics? Along the way, Xiao Chuan meets numerous maidens, each attracted to his wisdom, unconventional ways, and his mastery of martial arts; but as trouble follows in his wake, will he learn to become a better person and change to more serious ways? Xiao Chuan falls in love with a Princess but she is forced into marriage with the Qin Emperor, will their love survive all the obstacles and challenges? Gao Yao starts from the bottom of the social hierarchy as a slave and slowly rises in the ranks among the palace Eunuchs, will power and thoughts of revenge corrupt him? Will Xiao Chuan’s family at home be able to find out how to bring him back? As Gao Lan follows Da Chuan around, will an unlikely love blossom?

This is the first time that I have ever watched an ancient Chinese drama over 42 episodes. My first impression was very good, though. The music, acting, and storyline really intrigued me. This is not to say there were no flaws. I thought the action was not realistic enough, the amount of time spent on battle scenes clearly showed a budget limit. There were many parts that were dragged out and conversation was slow and repetitive in many places.

Possible Spoilers
I think for the most part Hu Ge does a decent job in this drama, although he is not my favorite ancient drama actor. The female actresses were all decent, but Chen Zi Han and Jin Sha probably caught my interest the most. As you might know I love Chen Zi Han in a number of dramas I’ve reviewed before and she really can play the villain role pretty well. The love between Hu Ge and Bai Bing, the Princess, was really odd in my opinion, because they never really had a scene where they really fell in love. Also, when they were split apart, their emotions were like epic super strong that Hu Ge had to be a drunk and Bai Bing couldn’t get a grip on reality without Xiao Chuan. It was just really rushed and then when they were supposedly “in love” they were borderline obsessive. Even Hu Ge, as Xiao Chuan, lost all his thinking.

The main point of interest in this story was the plot. I loved everything that happened, from the court politics to the times that Hu Ge saved people and made powerful friends all over the kingdom. All the famous stories from the Qin Dynasty are a part of drama including the tears of a maiden causing the collapse of the Great Wall of China, the heroic and strength of Xiang Yu, the feats of Liu Bang, the killing of the giant snake, the power of Zhao Gao, and even the assassination attempts on the Qin Emperor.

I just want to finish up with a few comments on what I would have liked to see: better special effects (even just a little), more realistic fight scenes, more soldiers (even if they have to use CG), better love stories. Other than that I think the drama was very attention keeping. The scenes during modern day were slightly less interesting since they kept using the same backdrops.


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Vivian Hsu as Fei Yang
Hu Ge as Xu Feng
Lin Jia Yu as Xiao Fang
He Gui as Da Xiong
Gu Mei Hua as Mei Qi
Ai Wei as Tang Li


In the bustling city of Shanghai, Hu Ge plays a talented comic artist Xu Feng who is barely able to keep up his own expense because of his girlfriend’s tuition at a university in London. By chance, he meets free spirited Fei Yang played by Vivian Hsu. Little does he know that this energetic and fearless young woman has a dark secret of her own. Before coming to Shanghai, she learns that she has the same disease that took the life of her father, and that she only has a hundred days to live. Perhaps this is the reason she is unafraid of dying.

The two end up growing close, but what will happen as Fei Yang’s condition begins to worsen, can she continue to keep it a secret? How will their love end?

I am not the best critic or writer, but I will try my best to give a rating for this drama. I’ve never really paid any attention to mainland dramas until very recently, when I watched Good Morning Shanghai with Jang Nara and Shanghai Bund with Huang Xiao Ming. I’ve begun to realize how great Chinese dramas could be.

Till Death do us Apart really took me on an emotional journey. Although I have never seen Vivian act before, she does a really nice job in this drama creating her character. Honestly I’ve avoided dramas with Hu Ge after watching things like Chinese Paladin and Tian Wai Fei Xian but he really does a great job in this drama. It’s very rare you get to watch a drama like this where you don’t really end up hating any of the characters. The last few episodes were a little slow and maybe a little over done but I thought that the entire cast created an excellent mood. There are basically two parts to this drama, one with gradual growth of love between Xu Feng and Fei Yang and then the second half pretty much dealt with her realization of death. I’m a pretty avid drama watcher but I rarely cry. This drama made me cry and I’m not embarrassed to say it 😛

Anyhow I think I can safely recommend this drama.


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