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Chen Zi Han as Luo Rou
Lu Yi as Luo Yi
Kou Zhen Hai as Rou and Yi’s father
Li Qin Qin as Rou and Yi’s mother
Jia Nai Liang as Wen Jie

Drama, Romance

When Luo Yi was just a small girl, she was adopted into the Luo family and became the younger sister of Luo Rou. As children, the two never got along. Because of Luo Yi’s kind hearted personality, her father always doted on her more. Luo Rou had a very spoiled and childish personality and often played cruel jokes on Luo Yi. In addition, Luo Yi was deaf in one ear.  The family lived a decent life since the father was owner of a successful company, however, due to some misfortune, the company became bankrupt. Because of this, the mother and father pass away.

This is the story of Luo Yi and Luo Rou and their struggle as siblings in finding love. Luo Rou is often jealous of Luo Yi because she naturally attracts love with her kindness. Because of this, Luo Rou grows up as a person who always competes with Luo Yi both in love and work.

Without their parents, how will the sisters live on? Will Luo Rou’s hatred for her younger sister result in some greater catastrophe? Will Luo Yi ever find her real parents?

I think this is one of the lesser known mainland dramas, although I can’t confirm this because I don’t know the details of the audience from China, but I am sure many people in the US have never heard of this drama. I was just looking around at some video files and I saw the title 雪在烧. It attracted me somewhat and I decided to watch the first episode. It was mostly about the childhood of the two sisters Ru Yi and Zi Han but I was instantly sucked in. Personally, I love characters who embody a certain kindness and innocence. Seeing Luo Yi always give in to her sister was really tear wrenching. I knew that when she grew up the drama would be even better.

I think the acting was very good in this drama. Veteran Chen Zi Han is an actress who is very adept at playing the villain in any drama, or at least the character that we all hate. Her performance in Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 as Guo Fu is proof of this trait. Ru Yi on the other hand really fits her role in this drama. Just by watching her actions I could feel sympathy for her. The supporting cast does a great performance but the main roles of the two sisters really moved me. The drama is a little draggy sometimes but it does move along quite nicely. The drama does not have too many twists but instead presents itself as a very solid flow which helps build up the mood to the very final episode. It is both gratifying and sad at the end but I will let you guys decide how it is.



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