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林心如 Ruby Lin as 安安 An An
柯叔元 Ke Shu Yuan as 江中鹤 Jiang Zhong He
高潔 Gao Jie as 方蘋 Fang Ping
文章 Wen Zhang as 孟廷 Meng Ting
蔣欣 Jiang Xin as 江荷 Jiang He
赵静 Zhao Jing as 孟母 Meng Mu


Five years ago, Mr. Meng divorces his wife and begins living with another woman. His ex-wife pressures Mr. Meng into committing suicide over business problems, creating a legacy of revenge and hatred. Mrs. Meng’s son, Meng Ting, learns of his father’s suicide and decides to find out if it was truly his mother who forced his father to kill himself. All this time, the woman that stole his father has plotting revenge against Mrs. Meng.

At the same time, An An, a native Taiwanese orphan, applies for a position as the General Manager’s secretary. The General Manager of Mrs. Meng’s hotel just happens to be Meng Ting. The beginning of a tragic love story begins. In order to save her orphanage, she agrees to become Meng Ting’s girlfriend.

What happens when Meng Ting hopes to break the chain of revenge and hatred by working alongside the woman who stole his father’s heart? Does An An truly love Meng Ting or is it some sort of responsibility? What happens when a budding artist Jiang Zhong He meets An An and falls in love with her?

Let me be very up front with this. The only reason I started watching this drama was because of Ruby Lin. I can’t say she’s the best actress ever but she is really beautiful and I love her innocent look.

I really enjoyed how the drama started out but somewhere along the way I became disgusted with the storyline. Since I don’t really want to spoil the story, I will just say that I really hate Jiang Zhong He and I really hate his character being with An An. I almost stopped watching the drama because I could already see how the drama would end, but I managed to finish the whole thing. Normally Chinese dramas really impress me in their production quality and acting skills and this drama was no exception. The production was very well made and the acting was very solid on all levels. The only flaw was the story line. If you would like to see my opinions on how the story should have continued, feel free to read into the spoiler section after my rating.

The drama does get a little repetitive, however, and sometimes I just feel like punching characters for being so stubborn or so unrealistically emotional. The only portions of the drama that kept me going were the scenes with An An. I love her character although sometimes the script writers really make her someone I don’t like. She is a really smart and hard working character and also has the sacrificial trait. She is very loyal however sometimes I hate how her character is having a so called ‘affair.’ Normally I like my main characters to be flawed, but not in a way that makes them being unloyal.

If you are trying to watch this drama for Ruby Lin, it’s probably worth watching just one time through, but if you are actually looking for a drama with a creative and enjoyable plot line, look elsewhere.



Alright, since there were parts of this drama that I hated so much, I’m just going to go ahead and tell you what I thought should have happened to make a much more dramatic drama haha.

1. I really believed that the drama was showing how Meng Ting and An An both had a moment of weakness and became swayed or tempted by other women/men, but they would both eventually come back to each other and discover that they had grown used to each other and that they loved each other more than they thought. It seemed that the drama would really take this direction, but when An An and Jiang Zhong He really got things going I got into a really really bad mood and thought the scriptwriters totally tricked the audience. It just makes the whole theme of the drama really bad.

2. I would have liked to see Meng Ting eventually marry An An and that they would raise Meng Ting and Jiang He’s child loyally.

3. I really would have liked the mother to become less crazy, but she seemed to get even crazier near the end of the drama until like the last episode.

4. I would have liked Jiang Zhong He to get along with his girl next door and just disappear from teh drama since his character was so damn annoying and over obsessive.

5. They should have made An An more resilient from temptation.

There are probably more things I can’t think of right now but you get the point. 🙂


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Jung Gyu Woon as Lee Min Soo
Park Ye Jin as Choi Yoon Hee
Choi Myung Gil as Han Myung In
Park Sang Won as Lee Jeong Hoon
Jun In Hwa as Eun Hye Jung
Han Ye In as Eun Soo Jin
Sun Woo Jae Duk as Kim Yoo Suk

Romance, Drama

Many years ago, Eun Hye Jung, Lee Jeong Hoon, Han Myung In, and Kim Yoo Suk were bound together by a fate for the remainder of their lives, unknowingly dragging their children in as well. Because of an accident, Han Myung In believes her lover, artist Kim Yoo Suk is dead, and so agrees to an arranged marriage with Kim Jeong Hoon. Unable to forget her first love, she can never accept Jeong Hoon. Together, they raise Min Soo, her and Yoo Suk’s son.

With almost an obsessive love for her son, Han Myung In does everything she can to get him to become a responsible man, the heir to her company. The dysfunctional family causes Min Soo to grow up a spoiled playboy. Girls all around him try to get close to him for his good looks and rich family background. Only Choi Yoon Hee is not drawn to him, and instead, gives him a good lecture or two about how useless he is. This is definitely a first for Min Soo.

Will this be the start of love for Min Soo and Yoon Hee? What happens when Han Myung In discovers that Jeong Hoon has a family outside just when she is beginning to warm up to him? In her ambition to raise her son up, how far will she go to terrorize Yoon Hee?

I would like to say that I really enjoyed parts of this drama, not the whole thing, but mostly the parts with Choi Yoon Hee. I can’t say that she’s a top actress, but she is quite beautiful. Whoever did the design and wardrobe for Choi Yoon Hee in this drama deserves much praise. I loved everything she wore.

I think the most questionable part of the drama was the plot. The tug of war between Eun Hye Jung and Han Myung In was really annoying at times and it really got boring. Near the middle of the drama I would pretty much skip over scenes with Han Myung In and Jeong Hoon or Eun Hye Jung with her sister. I totally understand that this drama was aimed at an older audience and so that was part of the reason I didn’t enjoy the whole drama. I think the chemistry between Yoon Hee and Min Soo was decent, but Min Soo was much too psychotic and Yoon Hee was much too uptight and unresponsive. I just didn’t get the feeling that she loved Min Soo that much when they were together. When she was alone however, or with Eun Hye Jung, I could feel her overwhelming emotions. By the way I really loved her beach scenes and her emo scenes.

The other young cast was fairly good, but I think the characters were just too obtuse. I understand that Min Soo grew up in special circumstances and he has had many scars, but it still doesn’t justify him to be so crazy sometimes. Also, I think Soo Jin is also pretty crazy. She had special circumstances too but I think her character was just way too childish for someone in her position. The whole story just didn’t seem so real. It was more of a fictional drama then a drama based on real life.

The adult cast was pretty solid, other than the fact as I stated before that I wasn’t really interested in their part of the story. One thing I thought was funny was Eun Hye Jung’s character did a whole 360 transformation after all the secrets in the drama are revealed and all the challenges she overcomes. The music was awesome, I even downloaded the OST just for kicks and I’ve really been into those songs. The overall mood of the production was very good, but sometimes it got draggy. If I were to rate the drama as a whole, I wouldn’t rate it that well, but if I were to just rate on the parts with Yoon Hee, I would give this drama a higher score.

The fact that I did some timing work for Haru Haru Subs on this drama may have changed my opinion, but I think for the most part I will stick with my above review.


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Song Chang Ui as Jang Joon Ha
Lee Sang Yoon as Kim Woo Bin
Kim Yoo Mi as Shin Young Joo
Jun Hye Bin as No Se Ra

Law, Drama

Young law student Jang Joon Ha fails the BAR exam that day, but who would have known that on that fateful night, his girlfriend would be murdered. At first Jang Hoon Ha is the murder suspect, but his brother takes the fall instead and goes to prison for life.

In order to prove his brother’s innocence and also find the real killer, Joon Ha studies even harder for the the BAR exam and eventually enters law school to become a prosecutor. During his schooling, Joon Ha meets Kim Woo Bin, the son of a famous prosecutor, Shin Young Joo, and also the daughter of a large lawyer firm No Se Ra.

How will the lives of these potential prosecutors and lawyers intertwine? How long can Kim Woo Bin hide as Joon Ha gets closer and closer to the truth? Shin Young Joo has always loved Woo Bin, but does he feel the same way and what will happen to their relationship when she learns of Joon Ha’s brother and the murder?

My first impression of this drama was a bit skeptical, as it did not receive as much hype in the fan world than compared to many other dramas. Because Jung Hye Bin was playing one of the lead roles, I felt that taking a peek at a few episodes wouldn’t hurt. I was amazed to find a very solid drama. The production, acting, and cinematography of the drama was no less than any other. I can’t say the same for the plot, however, as it was not very believable and much too coincidental. The way that the director and cast execute the plot made it more sustainable and I am able to say that even with such a cliche and unbelievable story, they were able to make an interesting and touching drama. There were many parts of the drama that really left impressions on me.

It is quite interesting to watch Song Chang Ui grow as an actor. The first time I noticed him was in Golden Bride and then I found that he was also in Wedding with Jang Nara. Now, he was the lead of his own drama. Lee Sang Yoon who plays the antagonist also does a nice job. He portrayed his character very nicely. As for the mature and adult cast, I felt each one was nicely chosen and acted out. I would not have minded more romance between Jang Joon Ha and another female lead, but it was not necessary. Se Ra’s sudden change of heart and also her feelings for Woo Bin are quite transient and I couldn’t really see the depth in her character but she is very very beautiful. I forgive her haha. Kim Yoo Mi was great as usual and really had a unique personality for her character. I almost couldn’t tell it was her and then when I wrote this review I noticed that I saw her name somewhere. After looking it up I remembered she was the antagonist in Country Princess.

The music was good and the overall production was nicely done. All in all, the production quality pulled up the plot line so I still rate it well.


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