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Leon Jay Williams as William Spencer Wei Lian
Esther Liu as Sophie Su Fei
Song Zhi Ai as Susan Su Shan
Ethan Ruan as Owen Jin Ou Wen
David Chen as Brian Director Shang


Su Fei is the daughter of a well-to-do family and William is the son of a rich family tied to the Spencer Music School. Owen is Su Fei’s childhood neighbor and Su Shan is Su Fei’s family driver. Su Fei is a kind girl and has a close relationship with Owen when they were growing up, but one day, Su Fei meets William at school and they instantly fall in love. Su Fei believes that she has found her Knight in shining armor. At the same time Su Shan’s father dies in an accident and because her mother has already left them, Su Fei’s family decides to adopt Su Shan as their own daughter. Being deprived of love for much of her life and jealous of Su Fei and Owen, she becomes an overbearing older sister and often torments Su Fei, often telling people that Su Fei is the one adopted.

Without any warning, both Owen and William leave. Many years later, Su Fei and Su Shan are both older. Su Fei holds the Green Forest Outdoor Music School very dear while Su Shan works diligently at the Spencer music academy. Spencer and Owen return from abroad to the music school. Does Owen have another reason for returning? Will Spencer be able to tell weather Su Fei or Su Shan was that girl from many years ago? What will happen in the battle between the Green Forest Music School and the Spencer Music Academy?

Ming Dao as Tao Si
Achel Zhang as Cao Ke Rui
Li Yang as Lu Tian Qi
Yang Ya Zhu as Meng Xin


Many many years ago, a young girl saves Tao Si from drowning in the lake. She shows him the way to stop crying as well as the legend of the apple tree. This memory is forever ingrained in their memories, but as the years pass in separation, they both grow up. Tao Si is forced into a marriage that he can’t accept because he doesn’t love Meng Xin. Rui Rui works on his father’s farm and accidentally disturbs the wedding, allowing Tao Si the chance to escape from the wedding. When his parents return home, Tao Si decides to stay at the farm and find his true calling.

As Rui Rui grew up on the farm, she fell in love with Tian Qi who always took care of her and helped her through the hard times. Her mother died when she was young and her father was a little wrong in the head due to the same accident. The more Tao Si and Rui Rui meet each other on the farm, the more they are attracted to each other. Will Tao Si ever find out who Rui Rui really is? What happens when Tao Si finds out Meng Xin was Tian Qi’s old girlfriend? Who will Rui Rui choose?

I want to clump these two dramas together simply because they are almost exactly identical. If you enjoyed one, you will very likely enjoy the other one. I have to say that I had no expectation for both dramas, the leading reason being that they were both Taiwanese dramas with idols. I have no faith in Taiwanese idol acting and story lines. I found both plots to be very unrealistic and very cliche. I can’t help not watching them though because the lead actresses are just too cute. Esther has an edge on Achel in acting but its not that much better.

Both Green Forest and Star Apple both had to do with childhood memories and places that have a lot of small kids all the time. I find the Green Forest Music School a lot like the farm and both of them are threatened with closure in these dramas. Of course they main leads have to fight against this and at the same time become messed in a great bit four cornered love. I don’t want to spoil anything but both dramas have some hospital related scenes near the end and this is where I admit my obsession with near-deaths of the lead actresses.

If you are looking for a kiddy drama with poor acting but a lot of cute scenes, you might be able to sit through the whole series and get to the emotional parts near the end, but other than that, they are just typical Taiwanese drams that I can’t believe I actually sat through them.

Both 2.5/5


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