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Song Seung Hun as Lee Dong Chul
Shin Dong Woo as Dong Chul (5 years old)
Kim Bum as Dong Chul (15 years old)
Yun Jung Hoon as Lee Dong Wook
Park Gun Tae as Dong Wook (10 years old)
Park Hae Jin as Shin Myung Hun
Won Duk Hyun as Myung Hun (10 years old)
Han Ji Hye as Kim Ji Hyun
Nam Ji Hyun as Ji Hyun (10 years old)
Lee Da Hae as Min Hye Rin
Lee Yeon Hee as Gook Young Ran / Grace
Dennis Oh as Mike Packard


It all starts in a small mining town. Because of Shin Tae Hwan’s ambition and greed, he destroys the lives of many people. One of those people was a mining leader by the name of Lee Ki Chul. It just so happened that Lee Ki Chul and Shin Tae Hwan both had children born on the same day. A heartbroken and angry nurse Yoo Mi Ae switches the babies, unable to kill Shin Tae Hwan’s child.

Lee Ki Chul’s eldest son, Lee Dong Chul, grows up with the knowledge that Shin Tae Hwan killed his father, and for the rest of his life he holds hatred in his heart but only love for his younger brother Lee Dong Wook. From childhood to adulthood, Lee Dong Chul continues to sacrifice himself for his family.

In the years to come, old faces seem to reappear and the decades long struggle between Shin Tae Hwan and Lee Ki Chul’s family continues to keep the past alive.

How will Dong Chul grow up with hatred in his heart but only love for his family and friends? Will Shin Tae Hwan ever be brought to justice? How much suffering can Dong Chul take before he breaks? What will happen when the deadly secret of the swapped babies is revealed?

I know I’ve been away for many months now, as I haven’t had much chances to watch any new Chinese dramas. I started watching East of Eden over winter break and I’m glad to say I’ve finally finished the series. I said before that I was completely engrossed in this drama, and its the truth. Even before the main plot of the story was played out, many viewers wrote negative comments on this drama. Sometimes I have to agree, but this drama really had something that just kept me watching. I admit later on in the last twenty some episodes, there were some boring parts dragged out, but all in all I felt that the entire production was solid.

Near the end of the drama Lee Dong Chul’s acting kind of got repetitive and so did Young Ran’s. While Lee Da Hae kept complaining that she couldn’t understand her character, I still thought she was one of the better actresses in the drama, one who really built up character. Probably the best actor in the drama was Yoo Dong Geun as President Gook. He was an amazing addition to this drama. He just has such a unique character that you can see how his brain works throughout the drama. Props to Lee Dong Wook in this drama as well for his great emotional scenes near the end. I could really feel his building frustration.

I know I normally only review more lesser known dramas, but since there was so much controversy about this one, I had to give it a good review. The music, the cinematography, and the overall mood I felt was really there. It was pretty easy to guess the ending and I felt that was probably one of the only major flaws. The ending was a bit abrupt, since it would have been nice to see more of the epilogue. Movies like The Lord of the Rings trilogy pretty much had a 35 minute ending for a 9 hour movie and so according to 56 episodes there should have been almost two episodes for the ending/epilogue. I feel like more closure is needed after following such a long drama since they never really tell what happens to Dong Chul’s dream for his hometown.

Just a note, I thought that there were a couple great tear-jerker episodes haha. Also, great props to all the child actors and actresses, especially Kim Bum.



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