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Vivian Hsu as Fei Yang
Hu Ge as Xu Feng
Lin Jia Yu as Xiao Fang
He Gui as Da Xiong
Gu Mei Hua as Mei Qi
Ai Wei as Tang Li


In the bustling city of Shanghai, Hu Ge plays a talented comic artist Xu Feng who is barely able to keep up his own expense because of his girlfriend’s tuition at a university in London. By chance, he meets free spirited Fei Yang played by Vivian Hsu. Little does he know that this energetic and fearless young woman has a dark secret of her own. Before coming to Shanghai, she learns that she has the same disease that took the life of her father, and that she only has a hundred days to live. Perhaps this is the reason she is unafraid of dying.

The two end up growing close, but what will happen as Fei Yang’s condition begins to worsen, can she continue to keep it a secret? How will their love end?

I am not the best critic or writer, but I will try my best to give a rating for this drama. I’ve never really paid any attention to mainland dramas until very recently, when I watched Good Morning Shanghai with Jang Nara and Shanghai Bund with Huang Xiao Ming. I’ve begun to realize how great Chinese dramas could be.

Till Death do us Apart really took me on an emotional journey. Although I have never seen Vivian act before, she does a really nice job in this drama creating her character. Honestly I’ve avoided dramas with Hu Ge after watching things like Chinese Paladin and Tian Wai Fei Xian but he really does a great job in this drama. It’s very rare you get to watch a drama like this where you don’t really end up hating any of the characters. The last few episodes were a little slow and maybe a little over done but I thought that the entire cast created an excellent mood. There are basically two parts to this drama, one with gradual growth of love between Xu Feng and Fei Yang and then the second half pretty much dealt with her realization of death. I’m a pretty avid drama watcher but I rarely cry. This drama made me cry and I’m not embarrassed to say it 😛

Anyhow I think I can safely recommend this drama.


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