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Jimmy Lin as Zhong Tian Qi 仲天騏
Yoo Ha Na as Xia Zhi Xing 夏之星
Hong Xiao Ling as Ou Ya Ruo 歐雅若
Leon Jay Williams as Zhong Tian Jun 仲天駿
Lee Wei as Han Zhi Yin 韓志胤


Xia Zhi Xing finally gets out of prison and is excited to no end to find her old partner and lover Shi Shan Ge. Things go out of control when she runs into Zhong Tian Qi (Jimmy Lin). Tian Qi has stolen his family’s jewelry that his father and brother need to complete an important deal. Tian Qi is angry over his ex-lover Ou Ya Ruo’s engagement to his older brother Tian Jun. At the same time, Xia Zhi Xing finds that Shi San Ge has already abandoned her.

This story about a Jewelry company CEO’s youngest son and an orphaned jewelry fraud is indeed one about changing oneself. Will anyone ever believe in Xia Zhi Xing again? Will she become a real designer? Will Tian Qi find love again?

I can honestly say that I loved this drama for the most part. There weren’t really any parts that were boring. The drama reflected that of a typical Taiwanese drama: the dramatic camera angles and the continuous misunderstandings.

My favorite actress in the drama was definitely the lead, Yoo Ha Na, although she has just entered acting it seems, I felt her performance was that of a veteran, much better than other Taiwanese idol stars. If she had done this drama in her native language, Korean, she would have no doubt become a big star. She is both capable and beautiful and I really enjoyed her performance as the character whom embodies a kind heart, a strong passion and dream, and also a loyal heart.

Jimmy Lin on the other hand, I guess I have nothing to say. Jimmy Lin is Jimmy Lin. I can also repeat that I am NOT a fan of English being used so much in Asian dramas but I guess it has become the trend to integrate foreigners into their dramas. As for Lee Wei, I really hated his character as well as his performance. I felt he was mis casted and his character was just written poorly. Hong Xiao Ling’s performance was also a bit lackluster, a very typical female antagonist. The only thing that built her character was the flashback of her childhood and that was what pretty much defined her as a character. Her jealousy and acting was not too great.

The music was really nice. There was one song especially that I liked. If anyone is interested in hearing it I could post it on sendspace. The location of the filming was pretty typical of a Taiwanese drama: A rural town with a very close knit community. There wasn’t a large variety of locations but I guess it didn’t effect the drama too much. Anyhow Yoo Ha Na in a dress was great!



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