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Hu Ge as Yi Xiao Chuan and General Meng Yi
Ren Quan as Yi Da Chuan
Bai Bing as Princess Yu Shu
Chang Chih as Gao Yao and Zhao Gao
Zhang Meng as Gao Lan / Xiao Yue (Yu Ji)
Tan Kai as Xiang Yu
Jin Sha as Lu Su
Zhang Wei as Gao Jian Li
Chen Zi Han as Lu Zhi
Allen Ting as Meng Tian
Li Yi Xiang (李易祥) as Liu Bang

Romance, History, Drama, Fantasy

During an excavation, Da Chuan and his father discover an ancient box with a keyhole on the lid in the shape of a tiger. Da Chuan’s younger brother Xiao Chuan, a restless photographer who spends his life playing around, mysteriously happens upon an ancient necklace with a tiger shaped jade pendant. While running from his hot blooded girlfriend Gao Lan, Xiao escapes behind the security of his brother’s dig site. At the same time, a group of artifact thieves break into the compound and steal the box. Xiao Chuan, along with Gao Lan’s older brother, Gao Yao, chase the thieves and finally catch up to them. The two of them get the box back but when Xiao Chuan inserts his necklace into the key slot of the box, the two are teleported back 2000 years to the Qin Dynasty. Da Chuan, his parents, and Gao Lan begin the search for clues on where the two have disappeared and why there is a group of people constantly trying to block their path.

With knowledge from the future, how will Xiao Chuan and Gao Yao survive in the ancient Chinese civilization? Will they become a part of history and become prominent figures in war and politics? Along the way, Xiao Chuan meets numerous maidens, each attracted to his wisdom, unconventional ways, and his mastery of martial arts; but as trouble follows in his wake, will he learn to become a better person and change to more serious ways? Xiao Chuan falls in love with a Princess but she is forced into marriage with the Qin Emperor, will their love survive all the obstacles and challenges? Gao Yao starts from the bottom of the social hierarchy as a slave and slowly rises in the ranks among the palace Eunuchs, will power and thoughts of revenge corrupt him? Will Xiao Chuan’s family at home be able to find out how to bring him back? As Gao Lan follows Da Chuan around, will an unlikely love blossom?

This is the first time that I have ever watched an ancient Chinese drama over 42 episodes. My first impression was very good, though. The music, acting, and storyline really intrigued me. This is not to say there were no flaws. I thought the action was not realistic enough, the amount of time spent on battle scenes clearly showed a budget limit. There were many parts that were dragged out and conversation was slow and repetitive in many places.

Possible Spoilers
I think for the most part Hu Ge does a decent job in this drama, although he is not my favorite ancient drama actor. The female actresses were all decent, but Chen Zi Han and Jin Sha probably caught my interest the most. As you might know I love Chen Zi Han in a number of dramas I’ve reviewed before and she really can play the villain role pretty well. The love between Hu Ge and Bai Bing, the Princess, was really odd in my opinion, because they never really had a scene where they really fell in love. Also, when they were split apart, their emotions were like epic super strong that Hu Ge had to be a drunk and Bai Bing couldn’t get a grip on reality without Xiao Chuan. It was just really rushed and then when they were supposedly “in love” they were borderline obsessive. Even Hu Ge, as Xiao Chuan, lost all his thinking.

The main point of interest in this story was the plot. I loved everything that happened, from the court politics to the times that Hu Ge saved people and made powerful friends all over the kingdom. All the famous stories from the Qin Dynasty are a part of drama including the tears of a maiden causing the collapse of the Great Wall of China, the heroic and strength of Xiang Yu, the feats of Liu Bang, the killing of the giant snake, the power of Zhao Gao, and even the assassination attempts on the Qin Emperor.

I just want to finish up with a few comments on what I would have liked to see: better special effects (even just a little), more realistic fight scenes, more soldiers (even if they have to use CG), better love stories. Other than that I think the drama was very attention keeping. The scenes during modern day were slightly less interesting since they kept using the same backdrops.



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wu xia

李小冉 as Yu Wu Xia
應采兒 Cherrie Ying as Yu Zi Lan
劉愷威 Liu Kai Wei as Huo Dong Qing
劉交心 Liu Jiao Xin as Huo Wan Cai
李姝 Li Shu as Yu Hong Yu
譚凱 Tan Kai as Luo Zhi Xiang
李子雄 Li Xi Xiong as Huo Wan Hong

Period, Romance, Drama


The tale begins when a young nun escapes her temple, accompanied by her Master as well as a horde of soldiers. On the run, the young girl, Yu Wu Xia, meets Huo Dong Qing for the first time. Little did they know that they were destined to meet again.

Yu Wu Xia always thought that she was an orphan, but with a little help, she finds her birth mother and father and discovered that they were actually a family of renown weavers. Wu Xia had also learned how to weave when she was at the temple and her skill is on par if not better than that of her father’s. Her father sent her to the temple as a baby because a wise man had told him that Wu Xia must live separated from her family for eighteen years otherwise she will bring calamity. The day she returns back home is not quite eighteen years and behold, ill fortune befalls her family.

From then on, things spiral out of control. Wu Xia’s younger sisters Zi Lan and Hong Yu both feel distanced and hateful towards Wu Xia for destroying the family. Misfortune after misfortune come their way and eventually, Wu Xia and Dong Qing meet again. An arranged marriage between the two saves the Yu family temporarily from financial troubles, but this is not the end. What if Zi Lan fell in love with Dong Qing? Will Dong Qing and Wu Xia ever come to love each other? What will befall the remnants of the Yu family? How far will the Huo family fued escalate?

This drama is one of my favorite Chinese period dramas up to date. There is a lot of character development and we come to understand that all the characters are human, if not full of flaws and personal ambition. Although there are a lot of sub characters, everything falls into place nicely near the end and we get a very solid and complete drama. We can definitely applaud the great acting by the leading ladies Zi Lan and Wu Xia. Cherrie can really pull off the evil sister and Wu Xia is plays her role as the kind and sacrificial sister very well. Throughout the drama we really feel sympathy toward Wu Xia and a dislike for Xi Lan. All of the supporting cast were really great and the mood was setup very nicely. The leading actors from the Huo family were very good as well. Wan Hong and Dong Qing really played their parts well and drove the story very nicely. I would say that the music is decent as well.

There is something else to mention as well. Although it is not a major issue with me, I would say that this drama is pretty pro-Chinese. It’s filled with patriotism and humanistic themes on how people should live their lives. I think there are some really great messages. A lot of the things that Wu Xia talks about in relation to Buddhism I couldn’t really understand because I am not a native Chinese speaker but the general gist was pretty good. This type of drama is pretty common in mainland China so if you watch of a lot of Chinese dramas you won’t be too surprised.

In ending, I would like to praise the plot once again. You all probably know by now that I’m a sucker for beautiful women who act as the sacrificial lamb while their closest people misunderstand their actions and continue to show hostility toward a very pure and kind lead actress. Wu Xia was the epitome of the perfect woman and understood sacrifice for the family. I would like to point out however, that the ending was a little fast for my liking.

I wouldn’t have minded if Wu Xia died in the end. It would have made such a nice impact to her family but I guess it would have ruined the whole pro-Chinese theme they had going on.

Anyhow I really enjoyed this drama. It is very well made and the cast was really great.


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