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Episode 1

Cast: (From Drama Wiki)

Cecilia Han as Cheng Hua
Jiang Yi as Shao Jun
Yu Na as An Li Na
Hu Bing as Song Yao
Kingdom Yuen as An Li Na’s mother
He Qiang (贺镪) as An Da Wei (An Li Na’s father)
Li Lan Di (李兰迪) as An Qi
Teresa Mak as Fan Yu
Ken Lok as An Ya Kang
Rong Rong (荣蓉) as Fan Yu’s mother
Zhu Wei Wei (朱薇薇) as Cheng Hua’s mother
Gong Fang Min (公方敏) as Cheng Hua’s father
Lu Yu Lin (陆昱霖) as Cheng Yong
Wang Dao as Shao Jun’s father
Jiang Zhu Qing (蒋竹青) as Shao Jun’s mother
Zhou Jun Yan (周均谚) as Lin Bei Bei
Mu Ting Ting as Mei Mei
Zhu Zi Yan (朱子岩) as Gao Hong


Romance, drama, family


Because of an incident between two families, a mother is torn from an alcoholic father and young son (Shao Jun).  Shao Jun grows up filled with hate against his mother for abandoning him and also the poverty of his background.  To exact his revenge he can even marry his enemy’s daughter (Cheng Hua) in order to destroy their family business and break her heart.  Disaster after disaster befalls the Cheng family, but no matter what Shao Jun can think of to hurt Cheng Hua, she still believes in him.  She will do anything to try and regain his love.  To raise himself in society, Shao Jun marries into the wealthy An family.

The stories of three families: An family, Cheng family, and the Shao family all become meshed together as the truth is revealed.  Will Shao Jun come to realize Cheng Hua’s genuine heart and return to her or will he truly fall in love with the An family’s An Qi?  What will happen when Cheng Hua discovers the truth behind Shao Jun’s actions?  What will happen when a kind-hearted and talented director Song Yao appears on the scene with a history with An Qi?  Will forgiveness ever come between all three families?

Review : 

I was first drawn to this drama because of the appearance of Han Xue (Cecilia Han).  I first watched her drama 明天我不是羔羊 and loved it superbly.

Let me be honest.  When I started watching this drama, something seemed off right away.  Cheng Hua’s acting knocked me right off my chair and the story-line and script just seemed to be scratching on a chalkboard.  I don’t want to flat out say that this was a terrible drama don’t get me wrong.  There are many points worth discussing but on a bigger picture, I felt like I wasted my time.

The script was unbelievably rocked out of proportion.  Coincidences really can only occur so many times, and yet it seemed the whole plot-line was driven by lucky eavesdropping, coincidental sightings, one out of a million chance misunderstandings, and also lottery statistic impossibilities.  The story seemed more driven by a string of chance encounters rather then actual plot and character development.  Every misunderstanding possible can be found in this drama.  The other element of this drama that really got me was Cheng Hua’s character.  Whether it was the director’s intention or simply Han Xue’s portrayal, I felt like her character was much too innocent and much too naive to be consistent with her latter character.  We find that she is resourceful, intelligent, and ambitious; but all these traits seem almost non-existent when she was trying to bring Shao Jun back to her side.  Her decisions, her thoughts, and her interactions with other characters especially during her time living with the An family, are all much too unrealistic.  Her character is supposed to be innocent and thoughtful, however, her actions in the An household prove the opposite.  Her presence causes the greatest pain and suffering and yet she is undeterred?  Perhaps the director and writer wanted to imply her genuine and deep love for Shao Jun but I feel like they created inconsistency in her character and actually made her seem more of an antagonist instead of a pure-hearted and victimized protagonist.

The music was great.  The supporting cast was also very nicely put together.  Lin Bei Bei and Fan Yu were some of the more memorable characters with great supporting performances.  Their acting and portrayal of their characters brought much more empathy and emotion out.  If Shao Jun’s goal was to be a semi-lunatic and cold-hearted antagonist, then he duly succeeded in being evil.  Song Yao also succeeded in being the affable nice guy however I see a lot of change in his character after he meets Cheng Hua at the club, an almost instantaneous change.  He seemed to have no prior bad feeling toward Cheng Hua even when he was witness to her damage on the An household and also her intimacy with Shao Jun in the parking lot.

No matter how harsh I seem in this review, I’m actually a softy and finished the drama from start to finish.  There is plenty of tear-jerking family drama.  There are definitely elements of a good drama and indeed parts that kept my interest.  The last few episodes seemed to have an over-abundance of couple angst (that dragged through the whole drama) and I couldn’t believe that An Qi could take so much even with all that she knew.

If you have interest in a really crazy drama that almost never quite makes sense, then you can check this one out.  I think if you like some of the main characters you’ll be able to sit through this one.  There are some sad moments, and I do admit, Han Xue does have a killer smile (not quite the happy smile, but definitely the sheepish and shy smile from the heart).  I don’t personally recommend it, however, it is most likely due to my drama preference and also my extreme bias toward really unbelievable plot lines and characters.




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韩雪 Han Xue as 石秋果 Shi Qiu Guo
杨雪 Yang Xue as 陶鶯 Tao Ying
朱泳腾 Zhu Yong Teng as 高雁翎 Gao Yan Ling
馬文龍 Ma Wen Long as 姜渔舟 Jiang Yu Zhou
尹鑄勝 Yin Zhu Sheng as 成玉民 Cheng Yu Ming
安澤豪 An Ze Hao as 車雲飛 Che Yun Fei

Drama, Romance, Angst

At the start of the story, Gao Yan Ling is driving along a countryside road, carrying an envelope containing important company information. It is apparent that there is a plot to get rid of him and possible the contents of the envelope as well. Yan Ling is cornered in the forest and hit by one of the pursuers and he falls down a steep ravine. Here, a young woman shows concern and saves him. He tells her to take the documents and destroy them and also offers her money. She refuses and goes to find help. When she returns with the other villagers, he is already gone.

In the rural village, the young woman is Shi Qiu Guo and is about to be married to her fiance when all of a sudden, he runs away with the fiance of the village gangster boss. In retaliation, the gangster boss sees Shi Qiu Guo’s beauty and decides that he can settle for her. If not, her father would have to five up his cow. This seems like an easy enough decision, but considering Qiu Guo’s father’s financial situation, he agrees to trade his daughter. At the same time, Shi Qiu Guo decides to run off with a group of people who claim to be recruiters for a large factory in the city.

What if the group claiming to be recruiters are actually slave traders? Will Shi Qiu Guo ever escape from her wretched life? Will she ever meet the mysterious Gao Yan Ling? Before her mother let her run away, she told Qiu Guo that she has an older sister but who could this be?

This is just the surface of the story, but revealing more would give away too many spoilers. I will tell you this though, a lot of the remainder of the drama is about a battle between Qiu Guo and Tao Ying over business related matters in the city.

It is really hard to give a good review of this drama without spoiling anything, so I will just spoil everything. If you wish to read on read at your own risk.


I can’t say that this drama is one of my favorites. It’s not, but it does have its own appeal. The story line is pretty far-fetched, but it is kept quite interesting. There are way too many coincidences and lucky meetings. Some scenes just aren’t realistic, but the whole time the storyline is like this, the drama is well put together. The locations, the costumes, the whole mood of the drama stays true all the way. The production did not feel “fake” at all.

I have to say that the acting was superb by the leading actresses. Yang Xue once again shows her skill and talent as the dark character like she did in Pure White Love. A lot of times she reminds me of Chen Zi Han from Burning Blood. Yang Xue and Han Xue make an epic duo. Han Xue is both beautiful and well casted. Although she really didn’t act too much, her calm emotionless expressions really was her character and it played out very well. If you watch this drama, you will understand why I love her so much. The writers put her as a victim to countless misunderstandings and sufferings, but she always rises above her pain and injustice and continues to live with her head held up high. Over the entire drama, she maintains her kind heart and also her own upstanding morals. Her character is just so perfect and elegant.

I really don’t have much to say for Zhu Yong Teng, but he plays his complement role pretty well. I simply didn’t like him since he never really showed a clear character throughout the whole drama. He always seemed to be confused through the first great many number of episodes. The actor for Chen Yu Ming was well chosen and he really helps to create the whole mood of the drama.

The music and supporting cast were great too. I found a couple things questionable to this drama though. In the first few episodes I was really angered by the actions of Che Yun Fei. I felt that the excess number of scenes and his outrageous actions were a little overboard. It is such a good thing that he fades out of the drama after awhile but I was abhorred that he returned later on to cause more pain. Some of the story line just doesn’t make sense but all in all this is a pretty solid drama.



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