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Sakaguchi Kenji as Asada Ryutaro
Uchida Yuki as Kataoka Kazumi
Koike Teppei as Ijyuuin Noboru
Otsuka Nene as Kodaka Nanami
Kitamura Kazuki as Kirishima Gunji
Abe Sadao as Arase Monji
Mizukawa Asami as Satohara Miki
Sasaki Kuranosuke as Fujiyoshi Keisuke
Natsuki Mari as Kito Shoko
Kishibe Ittoku as Noguchi Takeo
Ikeda Tetsuhiro as Kihara Takehiko
Sato Jiro as Matsudaira Kotaro
Shiga Kotaro as Zenda Hideki
Takahashi Issei as Toyama Seiji
Nakamura Yasuhi as Nomura Hirohito

Medical Drama

Picks up a little after where Iryu 1 ends during the previous season. On an expedition to become heart transplant approved, the Meishin University Medical Hospital brings back an old professor to help clean things up. In the process, Asada as well as the rest of Team Medical Dragon are invited back. Asada, having undergone heart transplant training overseas in the US, has pretty much the same personality. Knowing this, a few incidents cause Asada and a few others to be sent to a nearby hospital. This hospital is very special. All the cases that would otherwise destroy Meishin’s reputation are sent here. The doctor’s that are no longer useful to Meishin are also sent here while the capable ones are taken away. As all this is going on, a battle rages between these two hospitals on a surgical level as well as politically.

How will this power struggle end? Will Meishin destroy this other hospital where Asada has gone? To what lengths will the new manager of Meishin go in order to become a certified heart transplant facility?

To really be able to understand this season you need to first have seen Iryu, the first season. To be honest I was much more impressed with the first installment. Looking at Sakaguchi Kenji’s number of other works, I expected him to act better. In this season, he seemed very aloof and always had the same expression. The supporting cast was very nice as usual. I think that they really tried to make this season more dramatic and that didn’t really suit my tastes. I preferred the first season overall in this aspect.

The music and sound effects were very similar. The story twists got kind of repetitive as well, but hey, who can blame them. Every case that Asada picks up always has difficulty going into surgery, and then something worse has to happen during the surgery. I guess to this point, medical dramas like this can only have so many variations. Also, my friend and I joked about Asada saying “Ikizo (Let’s go)” so many times that we could predict every time he would say it. If watching a very stoic head surgeon and a band of mismatched doctors is to your enjoyment, then please have a good time with this drama. As for me, I can’t say I want to recommend it so:



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