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Episode 4 Part 1

Zhi Hao: You, who do you think you are, causing such a ruckus in my house?

Hao Yun: You think I like being here? China is such a big place. If I have the rotten luck of meeting you again, I’ll become your servant. At that time, I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Even my dog has never kissed me…but that lucky idiot (stole my first kiss)!

Xi Yan: This time, I come looking for you…is on behalf of the LJ company.

Ming Wei: We have already given the project to another company. Have they not notified you?

Xi Yan: I think, you guys must have some other reason. This issue has nothing to do with Zhi Hao, please do not worry, I will follow my promise to marry Wang Zhi Hao.

Father: Hey, stand right there!

Zhi Hao: Me?

Father: Hey youngster, when you bump into someone, you should apologize before leaving.

Zhi Hao: Oh…sorry.

Father: Hey, wait, you wait up! You must apologize again, genuinely.

Zhi Hao: I’ve already apologized.

Father: What kind of attitude are you giving me right now. To someone old enough to be your father, apologize again.

Zhi Hao: Okay, I’m sorry.

Father: You…

Zhi Hao Father: How come I haven’t seen the coach yet.

Ming Wei: He should be here soon.

Zhi Hao: Father. I’m late.

Ming Wei: No problem.

Zhi Hao Father: Coach You (Surname)!

Hao Yun Father: Chairman, how are you?

Zhi Hao Father: Us two old men should meet more often.

Hao Yun Father: Isn’t that so. How come you haven’t been to the soccer field in awhile? Your complexion doesn’t seem quite good.

Zhi Hao Father: Really? It can’t be. Your observation skills are not as great as they used to be. How can my complexion be bad? Come come, let me introduce you to someone. Zhi Hao! This is my son. This man here is the coach of our soccer team, Coach You, he is also my old teammate. What are you standing there for, hurry and greet him.

Zhi Hao: How are you, I’m Zhi Hao.

Hao Yun Father: You Zi Guo.

Good Good.

Hao Yun: I’m sorry! Am I late?

Worker: No no, there’s no more time, hurry on in and change.

Hao Yun: Uniform? If I knew beforehand I would have gone on a diet!

Worker: Hurry up and go change, don’t stand around here.

Random Guy: Miss Hao Yun!

Zhi Hao: Sorry about earlier, I was too rushed.

Hao Yun Father: I as well, I was too aggressive. ??? I’m sorry. If you have time stop by the soccer field. Your father and I have practiced there many times. Now, I want to see your ability. Ah, now I should call you, Mister chairman.

Zhi Hao: No problem, mister coach.

Voice: Everyone, please let me announce, LJ’s new soccer team chairman, Wang Zhi Hao. Now it begins.

Zhi Hao: Hello everyone…hello everyone. I am very grateful to everyone for coming to our LJ soccer team club. I am very thankful to everyone.

In the bathroom.

Zhi Hao: Dad. Why are you drinking tap water?

Zhi Hao Father: No no, I was just rinsing my mouth.

Person: Manager, shouldn’t the head of the soccer team be yours? If it’s like this, ??? (too tired to figure it out now haha sorry guys)

Hao Yun: Earning money is so difficult. Just then, I was scared to death. How can I be so unlucky. Poor you (she means herself)!

Hao Yun Father: Soccer is a sport all about kicking with the legs.

Chef: Sir! I’m sorry. This lady suddenly ran into me.

Hao Yun: What? Now you are pushing all the blame on me? How can there be a man like you pushing the blame on others. Are you saying that I have eyes on the back of my head.

Chef: Hey Miss, you still can’t just back up like that?



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Dylan Kuo as Cheng Xue Ge 程雪歌
Wu Ya Xin as Yao Zi Wang 姚子望
Ming Dao as Zhao Guan Xi 趙冠希
Coco Jiang as Zhao Guan Li 趙冠麗
Amanda Zhou as Xiao Bu 小步

Zhang Chen Guang as Yao Wan Chuan 姚萬傳
Feng Yuan Zhen as Yao Zi Qi 姚子期
Ah Mei as Yao Hui En 姚匯恩
Wu Wen Xuan as Hui En’s mother

Taken from Wikipedia.

Drama, Romance

Yao Zi Wang is the third daughter of the Yao business family. Her entire life has been devoted to gaining her father’s praise and recognition, however, her father only has his eyes on his only son, Hui En. No matter how capable Zi Wang is, she is unable to change her father’s heart. One day in Shanghai, she meets a brilliant musician Cheng Xue Ge and also the playboy Zhao Guan Xi. Who would know that these fateful meetings would set off a chain of events far into the future.

Ever since she was young, Zi Wang has grown up in a household without love. Everything is a transaction. By chance, Zi Wang meets Xue Ge once again, but instead of a happy reunion with a longtime crush, she finds out that Xue Ge’s father, the man who was the closest to any family member she has ever had, was on his deathbed. Zi Wang resolves to help Xue Ge learn how to survive in the harsh business world and to bring his father’s company out of bankruptcy. Xue Ge already has a longtime girlfriend who is also a musician.

Can Xue Ge be the one to move Zi Wang’s heart? What will happen when Guan Xi begins to chase after her? Will Xue Ge be able to overcome his kind personality and become capable in the harsh business world? What will happen when his girlfriend comes to Taiwan to accompany Xue Ge?

First off, I have yet to finish this drama. It’s a 20 episode series I believe but so far I have only seen the first 16 episodes. I just had to write this review to let people know that there is this great Taiwanese drama out there.

Thank God for a Taiwanese drama without the lame cute scenes or ridiculous humor. I really enjoy this drama for its seriousness along with the star-studded cast. Once again, the lead actress is surely a character to sympathize with and feel for. Taking a look at her family and also her own ability, we really feel the mask that she must wear each day. The acting of all the leads is fairly decent and the story is not obtusely unbelievable. I have to say with Taiwanese dramas like this one, I feel that there is a future for the entertainment industry in Taiwan. Although this may not be popular there, it is a great under appreciated drama.

I will have a much more comprehensive review when I finish watching this series but I really wanted other people to see the goodness in this drama.

Episode 1 Part 1/7: Click the video to go to the youtube site with the remaining parts.

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