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Yoo Gun as Haru
Kim Ok Bin as Suh Eun-hye
Lee Jong Hyuk as Park Dong-jae
Shin Choong Shik as Principal Yeom
Kang Shin Il as Jang Pil-goo
Han Ye Rin as Soo-jung
Kim Sung Soo as Padlock
Song Ok Sook as Ko Shin-ja
Na Young Hee as Huh Won-sook
Choo So Young as Min-joo


Seo Eun-Hye is a young woman who became a professional trickster in order for her to pay her mom’s medical fees. During an important heist, she gets scammed by her own partner and ends up on the run with no cash and following blind leads on the whereabouts of the money. On the bus, she meets a school teach by the same name Eun-Hye, and when an accident occurs on the bus, Eun-Hye embarks on a journey that will change who she is for the rest of her life.

She meets Dr. Dong-jae and a mentally challenged man named Haru. Together, they begin to learn more about themselves as well as the love and the people around them. All three will forever be changed.

What will happen when Dr. Dong-jae goes forward with a surgery that can cure Haru’s mental deficiency? What kind of love can blossom between these three?




First off I would like to say that Hello God was probably one of the most touching and thematic dramas that I have seen. It is crystal clear how much the writer hopes to convey a number of important morals and themes about life and love. It is hard nowadays to find a drama that presents these messages so bluntly and emotionally that I was extremely moved by this series. Some of the ideas were about the hardships of criminals, the mentally challenged, and also the people who have abnormal traits.

The actress Kim Ok Bin did an exceptional job as playing Eun-Hye. In many scenes I was moved by her emotions. Her character was that of a trickster who lies often, but we find ourselves falling for her inner kindness and genuine concern for people. At the end we feel great sympathy for her and the struggles she undergoes to hold onto her love. Both the doctor and Haru are also played very well. Kim Ok Bin, Yoo Gun, and Jong Hyuk all play extremely dynamic characters. It is very well scripted so we see the extent of the changes in each character. There were many scenes with Ok Bin that I thought were just too touching and cute.

The supporting cast was very well casted, I noticed many familiar faces. If Kim Ok Bin appears in anymore dramas, I will definitely have to check it out.



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Zhi Hao tells Zhou Ming that everything is fine and that Xi Yan was just in a bad mood. Zhou Ming tells his father that he is always lonely at home. Zhi Hao admits his error and wants to make it up to Zhou Ming. He wants Zhi Hao to forgive Hao Yun. Zhi Hao tells Zhou Ming that the girl is a trickster. Zhou Ming tells him that Hao Yun was going to send him home. Zhi Hao says he will agree to it.

Hao Yun’s family all feel a little down as Hao Yun is no longer around. Suddenly, Grandma seems to perk up and recognize the other family members. Hao Yun’s mother and father are both excited.

Grandma: Don’t say that, people would think that there is something wrong with my brain.

Grandma tells Hao Yun’s father about her feelings and told him that he was the pillar of the family. She thanks him for his hard work. Hao Yun’s father tells her not to see him as an outsider. Hao Yun’s uncle regretfully tells everyone that he is so useless and still sticking around home. Hao Yun’s mother rebuffs him and says he makes the family laugh. Grandma asks the others where Hao Yun is and they tell her she has moved out. Grandma sadly worries about Hao Yun. The rest of the family reassure her.

Hao Yun laments away in her jail cell, telling the policemen that she isn’t a trickster.
Hao Yun: Where is everyone! What kind of place is this? I’m talking here can nobody hear me?
She asks the cop to let her go. The cop tells her that she has no ID and she won’t let them contact her parents so they have no reason to let her go. She left her ID at home and tells them about her situation of being scammed. She can’t call home.
Hao Yun: Uncle! No…Brother! Look at my face. do I look like a bad person? Look at her! The first impression she gives is really evil. Look at me! I have such an innocent gaze how can I do bad deeds?
He replies that he can’t help her if she isn’t properly identified. The other prisoner gives her a weird look.
Hao Yun: The weather is so hot….look I’m sweating. 🙂 It’s probably because I want to get out of here so badly. My brain must be broken.

Hao Yun’s family can’t reach her by cell phone. Her mother tells them to give up and just let her enjoy her first night. The uncle picks up the phone and finds it’s Xiao Mei. She doesn’t know where Hao Yun is either.

Hao Yun’s uncle tells his brother that he wants to go out to meet some friends. Hao Yun’s father is a bit suspicious. Why would they call the house and not his cell, and how did he even have friends here in Shanghai.
Hao Yun’s father: If you keep acting likes this when will you get married?
Uncle: Haven’t I married already? (<— divorced)
Hao Yun’s mom reprimands her husband for being harsh. They talk about Uncle’s wife and argued about why she left him. Hao Yun’s mom says that Uncle is too kind hearted. She wants Hao Yun’s father to be more understanding toward his brother. He tells her that he is a useless person too, but Hao Yun’s mother tells him otherwise.

Zhi Hao asks Xi Yan to watch Zhou Ming before he can find a baby sitter but she finds it absurd. She tells him that she is very busy. Zhi Hao is worried about Zhou Ming staying alone. Xi Yan tells him not to bother her about this anymore.
Zhi Hao: Xi Yan, you’re his mother.
Xi Yan: What?
Zhi Hao: In three months you will be his mother.
Xi Yan says she will leave his side if he keeps bother her. Zhi Hao calls to ask his helpers to find a baby sitter with haste.

Hao Yun is still yelling for them to let her go. It’s already been 8 hours. Zhi Hao calls the policemen. The cops tell Hao Yun that everything is settled and that they know the truth. They let her go and the cop gives her the address of Zhi Hao. She curses at the paper (Zhi Hao) but she finds that she lost her cell phone.

Hao Yun’s Uncle and friend meet. She says he is much better looking than she expected but he doesn’t catch it. Uncle asks her where Hao Yun is and her friend tells him the truth but makes him swear he won’t tell Hao Yun’s father. She also tells him that Hao Yun isn’t picking up her calls.
Hao Yun’s Uncle: Are you saying our Hao Yun is gone?
Xiao Mei says Hao Yun must be in some hotel. She says it’s partly her fault because Hao Yun had asked to stay awhile at her place but she didn’t promise her immediately. Uncle tells her not to cry and that he isn’t blaming her. Xiao Mei thinks that Uncle is not such a bad person.

Hao Yun can’t find her cell phone.

Xiao Mei tells Uncle that if they weren’t tricked she would have been with Hao Yun. She breaks down again. Uncle worries for Hao Yun. Xiao Mei tells her that her stomach hurts and Uncle tells her to make some soup. She can only make fried eggs. Uncle tells her it’s okay she can’t cook, Shanghai men can cook. He tells her that he works at a restaurant and he can’t do anything but cook.

Hao Yun is pissed that Xiao Mei isn’t picking up. Xiao Mei is actually flirting with Uncle. She calls him Big brother instead of Hao Yun’s Uncle. Uncle tells her that she is Hao Yun’s friend and it’s not suitable for her to all him Big Brother. She tells him to call her Xiao Mei.

In Hao Yun’s mind:
She comes back into the house and tells her family that she has been scammed. Her mom passes out.

Hao Yun suddenly wakes from her position on the benches. It’s all Zhi Hao’s fault!
Hao Yun: Let’s see if you can sleep peacefully anymore! I’ll get you!

Zhi Hao tells Zhou Ming to go to bed early. Zhou Ming is worried that Zhi Hao’s dad will be angry. Zhi Hao promises that before he finds a baby sitter, he will take Zhou Ming everywhere. Zhou Ming asks if Zhi Hao has ever been carried on someone’s back. Zhi Hao answers his mom and asks why Zhou Ming asked. He replies he was just wondering. Zhou Ming also asks if the problem with Hao Yun has been resolved and if he apologized. Zhi Hao has not yet.

Zhou Ming finishes the episode off with: Dad, if it’s too difficult for you, I’ll stay at home by myself and not go anywhere.

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Du Chun as Tie Zhong Tang
Chu Ja Hyun as Shui Ling Guang
Cui Lin as Yun Cheng
Rain Li as Wen Dai Dai
Deric Wan as Zhu Zao


This wuxia series tells the tale of a generation long feud between the Da Qi Men Pai and the Wu Fu Men Pai. The bloodshed has been bouncing back and forth for so long that not even the chiefs know what the grudge is. In a new generation of the Da Qi Sect, two heroes Tie Zhong Tang and Yun Cheng are born. The tale follows the adventures of these two brave fighters as they slowly learn more about the different parties involved in the feud and try to end the bloodshed.

Tie Zhong Tang is injured in a fight and falls into a secluded ravine, and he is saved by the heroine, Shui Ling Guang. For eighteen years she has lived there with her mother and the coming of this new handsome man brings her a new happiness. Together they return to the martial world and endure many hardships together. Yun Cheng is likewise saved by Wen Dai Dai who works with the Wu Fu and tries to gain Yun Cheng’s trust in order to find the location of the Da Qi treasure.

Will the bloodshed ever end? Tie Zhong Tang and Shui Ling Guang fall in love but can they ever be together? Wen Dai Dai at first deceives Yun Cheng, but will true feelings arise?


I have to say I really enjoyed this drama. The entire mood set by the cast and the filming locations just seemed to make this drama a very solid drama. The music was great with a lot of good songs and the costumes were authentic enough. The action scenes were top notch and there were enough of them throughout.

Chu Ja Hyun is a korean actress, but as the heroine, she does a wonderful job. I can’t say much about her acting but she has a strong yet withheld personality, which, as I’ve heard from a few others, matches her personality in the book by Gu Long. The only major problem I had with her was that she didn’t have that good of a hair style. As you probably know by now after reading my reviews, I am a sucker for kind hearted girls who always make sacrifices. The other actress Rain also does a wonderful job. Her personality as an actress really fit her evil yet ever dynamic role. She shows her transformation very well and I really enjoyed her performance.

The male actors were both fairly good and I find that Tie Zhong Tang especially played the part of the Hero very well. Some scenes that tore at his heart really could have been played out better but I guess the entire mood of the drama would have been a little different. Yun Cheng on the other hand did a nice job as well playing the headstrong and passionate hero who acts before he thinks.

The supporting cast was exceptional as well. For any Wuxia I’ve seen, this supporting cast was probably one of the strongest I’ve seen. Each character developed nicely and tied together in the end.

Spoiler Alert
I felt that for the most part the females were cast into roles of secondary importance in terms of action. None of the female heroes were really strong at martial arts. I find it annoying that Shui Ling Guang learns very minimal martial arts and even when she does never uses it. I would have loved to see her race in to save her love or something but perhaps that is only my wishful thinking.

I think that the second half of the drama kind of went downhill because it created a lot of loose ends for the ending. What happened to the Da Qi flag? What happened to the survivors after the Poison King was killed. Why didn’t Tie Zhong Tang send word to others that he was still alive even though he was recovering from his fall? A lot of questions go unanswered and I think the ending where Shui Ling Guang dies is very anti-dramatic and sad simply because the cause and reason in which she dies is so weak. If she had gone with Tie Zhong Tang to fight the Poison King and died then the ending would have been much stronger.

End Spoilers



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Xin Bu Liao Qing

Chen Kun as Zhang Shao Jie
Fiona Sit as Liu Min
Alex Fong as Liu Hao Yun
Chen Xiao Yi as Xu Pei Fen
Zhao Rong as Peng Cui Qian
Yu An An as Li Zai Ai
Hui Siu Hung as Li Zai Sheng
Amy Lu as Wan Shao Ling
Ma Wen Li as Jiang Mei Yi

Fiona Sit plays a vibrant young girl named Liu Min who has a passion for singing and a knack for sharing happiness with all of those around her. Because of her parents’ past, she lives in a busy alleyway with her birth mother and uncle along with many other musicians.

One day a new neighbor Shao Jie, a hot tempered song writer, moves into the empty room above her and before long the two become inseparable friends. This drama depicts the struggles of musicians in the modern world and the difficulties in becoming a star. What will happen when Liu Min and Shao Jie become more than just friends? What will happen to Shao Jie’s long time girlfriend Qian Qian? What will happen to Liu Min’s life when her birth father and his new family return to China?

It is really hard again to review this drama without giving away too many spoilers. It is quite obvious from the introduction scenes that Liu Min will get sick somewhere along in the drama, and once again, I must stress my obsession with sick female leads. I feel that Fiona portrays her character very well and throughout the whole drama, I really felt her character was deep and developed. She was a kind hearted girl who suffered so much in her life and I, as the audience, just felt strongly toward her character. The male lead was somewhat static and I felt that he could have done a little better job. I don’t know if he usually acts like he did but his performance seemed a little amateurish.

The rest of the supporting cast was very well composed. The mother, uncle, and other musicians in her mother’s band had great chemistry and I felt they developed the mood very well. A lot of the songs that Qian Qian and Liu Min sing were really nice as well.

All in all I felt that this drama was very well done. Unlike one of the earlier dramas I wrote about with Vivian Hsu, Till Death Do Us Apart, I felt that this drama dealt with death defying disease much more appropriately. If you have the chance to watch both dramas, you will realize that the main leads have a lot in common and that the story lines are very similar on a bigger scale, but in my opinion I think Fiona plays a much much better character. I have now become a fan of hers and can’t wait for any of her new dramas.

I love emotional scenes and this drama had a number of them that were very well played out in both the current time frame as well as in flash backs. The flow was very nice and I think Fiona’s acting was very good. If you enjoy a tear-jerker this drama could be a good pick. It’s very nice to see most of the characters in the drama grow as people because of Liu Min’s influence.



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