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Episode 3 Part 2

Uncle: Then I guess its decided that we’ll let Hao Yun move back in for awhile.

Voice on Radio: Ahh, our Cai Yun plays so well. (piano)

Man’s Voice on Radio: That small guy he sure does have talent.

Cai Yun on Radio: Dad, Mom, Hao Yun, I play really well right?

Woman’s voice: Cai Yun’s dad…

Father: Don’t listen to it anymore. Do you want me to throw even this away?

Mother: To throw away all of Cai Yun’s things, will we be able to forget Cai Yun? When Hao Yun was gone these days, I thought a lot about the past.

Father: Honey.

Mother: If Cai Yun was still alive, he must have become a successful pianist already right?

Father: Must you keep living in the past?

Mother: I know.

Hao Yun: Did anyone beg for you to save me? If you have the ability you shouldn’t get hurt yourself. (She is talking to her dead brother I guess. Mmmm Shin Ramen, good brand. :P) Grandma!

Grandmother: Sister! You can’t sleep? (She has some mental problems so she sometimes calls people as if she were younger.)

Hao Yun: Mom and Dad both don’t know. Actually, Grandma, I can play the piano pretty well.

Grandmother: They are all idiots!

Hao Yun: Oh right, you haven’t heard me play the piano yet right?

Grandmother: Sister don’t cry! Who ever cries is a stupid person!

Hao Yun: I’m fine. Thank you! To repay you, next time I will definitely play the piano for you okay?

Grandmother: Pinky promise!

Hao Yun: Grandmother will always support me.

Uncle: Gosh! Where can this child have gone now? Wei?

Xiao Mei: Big brother! I can’t get in touch with Hao Yun. I was wondering if she was with you? My family has some trouble and I’m heading over there right now.

Uncle: Hao Yun came home.

Xiao Mei: Wei Wei? (hello hello?)

Uncle: But she disappeared again. Hello? Can you hear me?

Xiao Mei: Ughh, out of batteries. So she already went home.

Father: Where is Hao Yun?

Uncle: She probably went home.

Father: Tell her to make sure her doors and windows are closed.

Uncle: I understand.

Father: Not sleeping yet?

Uncle: Yes, I’m going to sleep now.

Hao Yun’s father stays out a while outside. Then we change back to Zhi Hao at work.

Stranger: Miss! Miss! Miss! Don’t leave Miss! Miss! Miss!

Voiceover: China is such a big place. If I ever meet you again I’ll become your servant. When that time comes I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.

Hao Yun: Let me tell you. Just then that person was a shameless man, who would even try to harass a girl as young as his own daughter. Do you think that even makes sense? Gosh if I hadn’t been tricked I would have been sleeping comfortably on my own bed singing “Tian Mi Mi” (famous song in China I think). (singing) Your laugh is so sweet…
Ughh, what sweet? I’ve had bad luck all the way home. (An expression). I guess the ancient people are right, when you have bad luck even drinking water will get stuck between your teeth. Let me tell you, I am the example of that unlucky person. It’s so weird, you said China’s population is so large, but why must the person getting tricked be me?

Zhi Hao: Aren’t you tired?

Hao Yun: I’m not tired.

Zhi Hao: I am tired from listening to you. Do you need me to block your mouth?

Hao Yun: Wasn’t that just an accident? I’m warning you, if you think of doing anything weird, I will yell. You better be careful.

Zhi Hao: What?

Hao Yun: I’m saying if you don’t act politely I will never forgive you.

Zhi Hao: You have too much self-confidence do you? I brought you here today is because you said you have nowhere to go. Also, last time when I slapped you, I am still a little regretful. Last time, it was because I really didn’t know you were a girl. I never hit girls. I really saw…

Hao Yun has already passed out on the bed so she did not hear any of his honest thoughts. In the middle of the night, Hao Yun seems to really have to go to the bathroom but can’t find it!

Zhi Hao: What are you doing? The bathroom is over there.

He gets up out of bed to check up on Hao Yun.

Zhi Hao: I really don’t know why I brought you home.

Father: I’m heading out.

Mother: Can you wait just a moment? It’s such a hot day today, you have to eat some fruit. I packed a lot, just eat it yourself later.

Father: It looks like you’ve spent a lot of time packing this, but what should I do? The soccer team’s owner changed so we only have morning practice. In the afternoon everyone has to attend the ceremony.

Mother: Are you wearing this there?

Father: Is there something wrong with it?

Mother: This is someone’s welcome ceremony, no matter what you say you have to dress for the occasion. (not sure if this translation is accurate). You are the coach.

Father: Forget it. Any suit should be fine. For a soccer coach, wearing the sports uniform is the best looking.

Mother: I am too lazy to worry about you, just do it your way. (She says this in a loving way, it’s not meant to be negative.)

Father: Hao Yun hasn’t called home yet?

Mother: She did call.

Father: No matter what you think she is still in the wrong. Leaving without letting us know is that acceptable? You should ask her, is she becoming thick-skinned again?

Mother: She must have had some urgent matter to attend to. Don’t always act so mean toward Hao Yun.

Father: Tell her she has to call home in the morning afternoon and night everyday.

Mother: I understand.

Father: Mother. Your son-in-law me will be out and back very soon.

Grandmother: Okay okay okay! Uncle go well.

Father: Yes.

Uncle and Brother: Be safe on the road.

Father: Do you work well. Listen to your teacher carefully.

Mother: Don’t worry anymore, just be on your way. Uncle…did Hao Yun contact you yet?

Uncle: She should contact me very soon.

Hao Yun: Why does my whole body hurt?

Zhi Hao’s letter: The nanny said she will be here at 10 in the morning. When you leave make sure you close the door, it will lock by itself. Also, I hope that you will never appear before me.

Hao Yun: Who wants to say these things? He is always stealing my lines what is the meaning of this? Over these past 25 years I’ve always been pure, not even my small dog has kissed me. All because of that lucky rascal. Eh, that’s not right. Hao Yun is my name (??) this is an injustice. Wow, who knew that you had a lot of gas? (not sure what jie pi is although pi means fart gas and jie can mean to abstain or to quit. The bottle might have been some kind of medicine for farting?). I’m pissed!

At a public telephone.

Hao Yun: Wei? Is this Xiao Mei? Xiao Mei!

Xiao Mei: Hao Yun!

Hao Yun: Damn you girl! Why do you only pick up the phone now? Do you know how much I suffered these two days?

Xiao Mei: Let’s talk about this later, hurry up and come here!

Hao Yun: What?

Xiao Mei: That trickster has been caught!

Hao Yun: What!

Hao Yun runs into the police station and meets Xiao Mei.

Hao Yun: Has our money been found?

Xiao Mei: It’s all gone.

Hao Yun: Uncle! Uncle! Hurry up and return the money to us! Return it to us! Uncle! Our money! Return us our money!

Policeman: Miss, Miss, please calm damn, calm down. Calm down. Listen to me, its already been addressed before. Your money is already all gone. Not even a penny is left. A person like him, we will punish him severely. Take him away.

Hao Yun: No no it can’t be lie this. It can’t be. Big brother policeman. He can go to prison for all I care, as long as he returns our money to us. He can’t just leave like this!! He still has a place to stay but I can’t even go home! Do you know how much I’ve suffered these past few days. I don’t care about all this. So much suffering! Grandmother!

Policeman: Calm her down can you?

Xiao Mei: Wait, the time isn’t up yet. She has to yell until she says “Cai Si” and then she will stop.

Policeman: What?

Hao Yun: Dad! Mom! Uncle! Cai Si!

Later on Hao Yun and Xiao Mei sit together outside.

Hao Yun: Hey, keep fighting. Our money is already all gone. It’s fine that the criminal has been caught already. Even though we can’t get the money back, but he can’t trick anymore people ever again. Don’t look at how unlucky I’ve been ever since I was small, this is all God’s training for me. It is because he believes I can pass the tests. That’s right.

Xiao Mei: That’s right.

Hao Yun: what?

Xiao Mei: Where did you sleep last night? There was no one at my aunt’s house and you didn’t go home to sleep.

Hao Yun: The world is so big, how can there not be a peaceful haven for me?

Xiao Mei: Do you know how worried big brother was for you?

Hao Yun: Big brother?

Xiao Mei: Wei? Okay, just wait a moment. Okay, I understand. Hao Yun? She doesn’t have time to be picky. He couldn’t reach your cell phone so he called me. Hurry and go, you must save your life. The pianist suddenly can’t make it. What, you don’t want to go?

Hao Yun: I have no time to be picky I will take anything you give me.


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方炯镔 – 好人
Abin Fang – Good Person

01. 壞人
02. 回去吧
03. 深愛的老朋友
04. 風
05. 哼哼愛
06. 你不必愛我
07. 心痛
08. 闖
09. 回紋針
10. 胭脂雪 (vs. 江淑娜)
11. 遠東歌王 (Demo)

Thoughts: I think this album was pretty decent, although I can’t say my taste of music is anything ordinary. I’m pretty open to any kind of music and I just happened upon this album. I’ve never heard of him but I’d just like to throw him out there so maybe some of you might find his music pretty upbeat. I think the importance for small name singers with great songs is to spread the word. Hope you guys won’t mind.

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Note: Sorry I haven’t been able to hard sub. It takes too long and I really haven’t found the time to do it. I’ve made these dialogue translations that probably are pretty close to what the actual translations are. I’m not great with mandarin but I’ve done my best. Please don’t flame my poor language skills. 😛 I know sometimes it’s a little hard to read, but you can try making this summary window to the side so you can scroll down the dialogue as you watch the video.

Episode 3 Part 1

Hao Yun: Ahh, so the LJ Group was in a place like this? That no good man, he better smarten up a little.

Hao Yun sees Zhou Ming sitting dejectedly on the staircase.

Hao Yun: Hey kid!

Zhou Ming: Sister! Sister, hi.

Hao Yun: Do you feel regretful towards me now? A man should never keep his head down, understand?

Zhou Ming: It’s because I feel really sorry about that day.

Hao Yun: You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s that weird father of yours who was wrong. Oh that’s right, what are you doing here? We sure are fated to keep meeting each other. Don’t tell me you ran away from home again.

Zhou Ming: I’m waiting for my dad.

Hao Yun: That rascal…no I mean…what’s is up with your dad, always leaving you by yourself. What if you were really tricked by a bad person?

Zhou Ming: He’s not my dad.

Hao Yun: Right. You said it right. Those kinds of people aren’t suited to be a father. You cried?

Zhou Ming: I haven’t.

Hao Yun: Hey! Where are you going?

Zhou Ming: Back home.

Hao Yun: Hey kid! Kid! Kid!

Hao Yun rushes after Zhou Ming. A while later Zhi Hao comes out of the building looking for Zhou Ming.

Hao Yun: You sure have a lot of good things here. My dad loves things like these. I need to enjoy these on his behalf. Wow this must be part of an ancient collection. Hey…what is this? It’s made of copper! Not bad. Wow, the TV is huge. It must be nice to watch movies on such a nice home theater.

Back outside, we return to a worried Zhi Hao.

Zhi Hao: Zhou Ming! Zhou Ming! Zhou Ming!

Hao Yun: Ehh? Why is there only one fish?

Zhou Ming: They all died.

Hao Yun: If you raised many different kinds of colorful fish in here it would be so pretty. Oh, that’s right, who lives here?

Zhou Ming: Me and my dad.

Hao Yun: You two live alone in such a big house?

Zhou Ming: How about you?

Hao Yun: My grandmother, my father, my mom, my uncle, my younger brother, and also me.

Zhou Ming: Do you want to take a look at my room?

Zhou Ming: Sister, look this is my room.

Hao Yun: Wahh, its beautiful.

Zhou Ming: Look, this is the one you bought me.

Hao Yun: If you put all the fish here into the tank, it would surely be very pretty. Wow, it’s so soft.

We suddenly switch to a scene at the office.

Xi Yan: What are you talking about?

Aide Worker: I’m talking about the current LG Group project. The company just called and said that they don’t want to work with us anymore.

Xi Yan: How can this be?

Aide Worker: It’s just a guess, but is it because of the wedding? You do know that the Director of the LJ Group Wang Ming Wei is Wang Zhi Hao’s brother.

Xi Yan: What does that have to do with it? Don’t tell me they can’t separate business and private affairs. I’ll make a trip there.

Aide Worker: Okay.

Secretary: Miss Lin, I’m very sorry, our Director just went out to take care of some business. How about you sit here and wait for a while?

Ming Wei: How are you?

Ming Wei notices that Xi Yan is speaking with his secretary.

Ming Wei: Xi Yan? Please come in. Please type up these documents. Let’s go in. Please come in. Sit. So what brings you here looking for me?

Xi Yan: I’m here today because of the LG Group project.

Ming Wei: Oh, for this reason? We’ve already handed the project over to another company. They haven’t notifed you?

Xi Yan: This is the reason why I’m here. I can’t accept your decision over this matter.

Ming Wei: This is the company’s decision. Honestly speaking, I don’t like your method of handling things.

Xi Yan: This is your personal reason.

Ming Wei: We know that your negotiation skills are very accomplished, but you are still very new in this line of business. We don’t believe you have the necessary experience.

Xi Yan: I’m thinking that there may be some more private discrimination against me. I’m a professional and will never mix my personal life with work.

Ming Wei: I must apologize; I am a professional as well. A corporate negotiation is like a battlefield. There can’t be any mistake. What we need now is a more experienced negotiator to work with us.

Xi Yan: Fine then, you can take this chance to take a closer look at my proposal.

Ming Wei reaches out to take the folder but she swings her arm away just before he can take the folder.

Xi Yan: Director Wang, I hope you can look over this carefully.

Ming Wei: I will.

Xi Yan: Since this business has nothing to do with Zhi Hao, you don’t have to worry, I will do as I say.

Ming Wei: Zhi Hao. Can you tell me exactly what position Zhi Hao holds in your heart?

Xi Yan: His position in my heart should be like a very precious jewel. But for the sake of business, I could take off all the jewelry on my body.

Ming Wei: Very interesting. To compare your loved one to a jewel does that mean that love is just a piece of decoration?

Xi Yan: Then what do you think?

Ming Wei: You have ambition.

Xi Yan: Ambition? I can see this in your eyes as well. The two of us really share this similarity. I’ll take my leave.

As Xi Yan leaves Ming Wei’s office, she turns around one last time.

Xi Yan: I can promise you that after this project negotiation you will definitely like the way I do things.

The Phone on Ming Wei’s desk rings.

Ming Wei: Hello? I’ve decided to hand this project over to Lin Xi Yan. I believe that she has the ability. Okay, thank you.

Back at Zhou Ming’s house:

Zhou Ming: Sister, you are so beautiful. Sister, you are wrong, it should be a movement like this.

Hao Yun: Hold on. Look. Is it like that?

Zhou Ming: That’s it! Sister, can you also do this!

Hao Yun: Come here, come here. Let’s play together. Come, it’s fun! Come up here Zhou Ming come on! Please come here, it’s so fun! Look, how is this?

Zhou Ming and Hao Yun playfully dance on the couch when the front door opens and Zhi Hao comes in.

Zhi Hao: Zhou Ming! What are you guys doing? It’s you.

Hao Yun: If you don’t remember this face of mine I would be sad! No matter how strict my father is with me he has never slapped me. Who would have thought I got harshly slapped by you. You even took me to the detention center, do you know what kind of place that is?

Zhi Hao: Who do you think you are, yellowing and making a scene.

Hao Yun: You sure know how to pull a Zhu Ba Jie. (Character from a famous Chinese story book abou the Monkey King). Let me tell you, even if you get on your knees right now I wouldn’t forgive you. Yelling and making a scene? Have you never met such a beautiful person like me with such a beautiful voice?

Zhi Hao: Zhou Ming, come here. Don’t hang around idiots like her.

Hao Yun: What are you talking about? How am I brainless?

Zhi Hao: Ahh, now I know why you keep hounding me. This is your compensation money.

Hao Yun: Cruel bastard. Okay…money? Of course I have to take it. To think of all the injustices I’ve gone through…this small sum. How much is this?

Zhi Hao: What? It’s not enough?

Hao Yun: It’s not that…

Zhi Hao: Hurry up and leave now.

Hao Yun: Hey wait. Do you think I want to stay around here? China is such a big place. If I have the rotten luck to meet you again, I’ll become your servant. At that time, I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. (She actually means this in a patronizing and jesting manner thinking the fact that they will never have to meet again). Okay, I’m leaving.

Zhou Ming: Sister don’t leave!

Hao Yun: Little monster, it was very nice to meet you.

Zhou Ming: Me too.

Zhi Hao: Zhou Ming. Let go.

Hao Yun: Kid, you already forgot after such a short time? Men don’t look downwards. I beg you, please take care of him more thoughtfully and not let him feel lonely. Every time I meet him something will happen. You tell me to just get up and leave, I really don’t like this place anyways. I’m warning you, don’t always push me to my limit. I hope we never meet again. Okay I’m leaving.

After having the last line, Hao Yun makes a fool of herself when she can’t find the front door.

Zhou Ming: Sister, the door is that way.

Hao Yun: What is this place. It’s so big that its pointless. I’m going.

Zhi Hao: How can there be women like her?

Hao Yun: Huh? What’s going on? Why is the piano here?

Manager: Hey careful everyone. Make sure not to put a scratch on it. You’re here?

Hao Yun: Manager…

Manager: I’m really embarrassed to tell this to you. From today on, we don’t need a piano accompanist anymore.

Hao Yun: Why not?

Manager: This store’s business isn’t that great and only owes money, not make money. I’ve sold it. I’ve already paid you this month’s salary so this is to say we are cleanly finished. Just leave it at that okay? Hey you guys, careful, be careful please.

Hao Yun: You Hao Yun, You Hao Yun. Hao Yun. Dad, why is my name Hao Yun (good luck in Chinese). Why do I have such rotten luck. It’s hard enough already hard enough to find more work and I’ve just been fired. That’s right, the money that bastard gave me. Huh? Where is the money?

Zhi Hao: So careless. Zhou Ming. You really don’t want to go with me? Hey.

Zhou Ming: Forget it.

Zhi Hao: Okay, I promise you. Today will be the last day you’ll be alone. The babysitter will come tomorrow.

Zhou Ming: Sister is so good to me but I don’t know why dad is so mean to her.

Zhi Hao: Didn’t I tell you already?

Hao Yun rushes into her uncle’s restaurant.

Waitress: You must be here looking for the chef right?

Hao Yun: That’s right.

Waitress: He’s inside.

Uncle: Oh! Hao Yun. Don’t move. Hao Yun! Hao Yun! Where have you been? Do you know how worried I’ve been? How are you? Is everything okay?

(Not quite sure what the next two lines were)

Hao Yun: I lost it. I’ve been tricked by someone.

Uncle: I know.

Hao Yun: How did you know?

Uncle: Xiao Mei has already told me everything.

Hao Yun: Xiao Mei?

Uncle: Where did you sleep last night?

Hao Yun: At the back of the train station.

Uncle: The train station? Hao Yun, listen to your uncle. Just give up.

Hao Yun: I can’t. If dad knew about this…no I can’t.

Uncle: Then where will you sleep tonight?

Hao Yun: I’ve already spoken with Xiao Mei, I’ll just squeeze into her place for a few days.

Uncle: Let’s just say you do stay there tonight, what about in the future?

Hao Yun: This will only work for the time being. I’ll think of something later.

Uncle: You can’t keep this a secret forever.

Hao Yun: That’s true, but however long we can keep it, we keep it.

Uncle: Even if you will get beaten you might as well get beaten earlier. If you can’t tell it now we need to make a long term plan. Just go on home. I will say some good things on your behalf. Hold on a minute.

Mother: Aye, how many meals have you not eaten?

Hao Yun: What hunger? I just discovered how great my mom’s cooking was. Where is Grandma?

Father: She already went to bed. Have you unpacked everything already?

Uncle: Haha, once our Hao Yun comes back the feeling in this house is completely different. Isn’t that right sister-in-law.

Mother: Who said it wasn’t like that. When she’s here we don’t feel it but only when she’s gone we understand it. We are still not used to not having Hao Yun at home. Since it’s like this should I move back?

Brother: Are you playing games? You want to move back already?

Hao Yun: You bad kid. You talk to your older sister with such a disrespectful tone?

Father: Right when you come back you fight with your brother.

Hao Yun: I’m sorry.

Brother: I’m done eating.

Uncle: Oh right, your friend who got her house robbed, is everything alright? Hao Yun’s neighborhood recently had some robbers who especially targeted girls living by themselves.

Mother: No way.

Father: Really?

Uncle: I think the word is that they haven’t been caught yet.

Hao Yun: That’s right.

Uncle: This time, isn’t it better if you came home to live? It’s scary even hearing about it.

Mother: That’s right. You should come home.

Hao Yun: Really? Actually…mom. I…

Brother: Dad, where is my DVD?

Mother: Go look for it by yourself.

Brother: Mom, what is this?

Mother: Those are just some old songs. (Seems to be something fishy, probably something about Hao Yun’s dead brother again.)

Stopped 22:11

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Moon Geun Young as Shin Yoon Bok
Park Shin Yang as Kim Hong Do
Park Jin Woo as Jang Hyo Won
Moon Chae Won as Jeong Hyang

Period, Romance, Art

Ten years ago, Seo Jing and his teacher are mysteriously murdered while assigned to painting the King’s portrait. Although Seo Jing and has wife died, their daughter Shin Yoon Bok still lives with the memory of her parents’ murder. She is adopted into a family of artists and continues the legacy of her father with her artistic talent that may even surpass that of her father. While becoming more and more skilled in her art, she also searches for the murderers of her parents. While struggling to overcome her difficulties and feelings, she falls in love with the beautiful courtesan Jeong Hyang. By chance, Shin Yoon Bok also meets one of the nation’s finest painters Kim Hong Do. Hong Do is amazed at Yoon Bok’s natural talent and quick mind that he takes her on as his disciple.

Will the people around her ever find out Yoon Bok’s identity as a girl? Will she ever find her parents’ killers? What will happen when she falls in love with a courtesan?

I have not seen such a great period drama in a long time and when I started watching I had really high expectations. In the past I have seen many of Moon Geun Young’s movies and her acting ability is amazing and cute that I felt this would turn out to be a great drama. I have to say I was impressed. Although sometimes the court politics got a little boring, I was enraptured by the story, especially by the connection between Yoon Bok and Jeong Hyang. Their relationship is both heartfelt and beautiful that it didn’t really seem weird or awkward, even with both of them being females.

Moon Geun Young’s acting of course was top notch. Acting as a male, she was surprisingly good in her own way. I think a good comparison would be that she did just as well as Yoon Eun Hye from Coffee Prince. She really got into her role and she did not overact at all. Trying to maintain that hoarse voice must have been hard on her. I have to say that I am not a fan of Park Shin Yang at all. I’ve sat through Lover’s in Paris and some of Money’s Warfare to know that I don’t really like to watch him act. He didn’t seem to pair well with Moon Geun Young but I still finished the drama because of her. I went into the drama with little expectation for him and I did not like his acting at all as Kim Hong Do. The scenes of him and Shin Bok sharing touching moments always gave me the creeps. The best parts were probably seeing Moon Geun Young with Jeong Hyang and when she dressed as a woman.

Unlinke many of the period dramas these days like Hong Gil Dong and Chilwoo, I really felt that Painter of the Wind really got the feeling of a period drama right. It didn’t give me the awkward feeling of say Hong Gil Dong’s costumes and sets. It brought me back to the days when I watched Damo and Hwang Jini with Ha Ji Won. The music and songs were awesome and everytime I heard the theme song I would feel the emotion of the scene much better. The filming locations were beautiful and legitimate. I wouldn’t have minded for the writer to create a longer ending but I felt that the drama finished pretty well.

If you are fan of Moon Geun Young or period dramas you should really finish this drama. I would say that the beginning of this drama does much better for me than the last few episodes but everyone is entitled to their opinion.


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