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Bae Doo Na as Lee Eun Hee
Shin Sung Woo as Suh In Woo
Kim Yoo Mi as Lee Keum Hee
Kang Dong Won as Min Ji Hoon
Kim Hae Sook as Kim Kil Nyeo (Eun Hee and Keum Hee’s mother)
Kim Sung Kyum as Kim Hoe Jang (grandfather, Chairman of Tae Sung Group)
Lee Hee Jung as Kim Eun-soo (Eun Hee’s cousin)
Lee Hye Sook as President Yoon Ji Sook of Tae Sung Foods (Eun Hee’s aunt)

Romance, Melodrama?

Because of family circumstances, a pregnant woman ends up near death in a rural town. A man finds her and brings her home and coincidentally, his own wife is about to give birth as well. Together, both women give birth to baby girls only seconds apart, but unfortunately the strange women dies right after giving birth.

Eun Hee and Keum Hee grow up in the poor rural area never knowing the truth about their birth. Eun Hee is social and lively while her older sister Keum Hee is quiet and studious. Their parents tell them that they are twins, but they are so different from each other. Keum Hee’s mother raises Eun Hee but always treats her as an extra piece of baggage. All the best always goes to Keum Hee. When their father befalls an accident, Keum Hee’s mom forces Eun Hee out of school so that they can better support Keum Hee to get into college.

What will happen when they find out that the poor strange women had been the wife of the owner of a large enterprise in Seoul? Keum Hee’s mother gives her own daughter to live a better life while the real princess is left in a life of hardship. Many years later, they all meet again and old secrets being to unfold as Keum Hee’s greed becomes more obsessive. Will the Chairman ever discover the truth? What if both sisters fell in love with the same men?

This was definitely a great drama but at the same time it was an extremely volatile roller coaster ride. I completely felt my emotions tossed around. There were many funny and uplifting moments but there were also many many sad scenes. Most of the sad and serious scenes involved crying and I guess after watching this drama, I feel it is necessary to commend Bae Doo Na, Kim Yoo Mi, and Kang Dong Won on their acting in terms of doing crying scenes. I was completely swayed and moved by their tears.

Bae Doo Na is not that pretty or beautiful and her voice is sometimes very annoying, but I can’t deny that she has talent on screen. It was a very difficult role to play and I think she played all the emotions and aspects of her character as best as any great actress could pull off. The male leads were alright but I have to say this drama was very heavily dependent on Bae Doo Na’s role. Shin Sung Woo did not impress me particularly but I guess his character suited his role as the comic relief. Other than that, he seems to act way too serious sometimes and it gets really old fast. The actress for Keum Hee does a great job as well. She really pulls off the cold and quiet antagonist really well and we find her losing herself near the end of the drama. It is clear that she feels guilty but she is so close to her goal. The doctor Ji Hoon was also a really great role but I felt that at sometimes he confused me as to what his emotions for either of the sister’s was. I really didn’t see what he was feeling at certain points and so I felt his love was very ambiguous and could never tell who he was loving more at the moment.

The story itself was kinda shady where some parts just didn’t make sense. I don’t want to spoil much but there are some things that happen that you ask yourself, “why is this happening.” “Why does this character have to agree to this only to get this or that?” I felt that there were many problems in the drama that went unresolved that I, or any other drama fanatic, would really like resolved. We come into contact with so many of the characters but we don’t see how things end with them. What happens to Keum Hee, Ji Hoon, Keum Hee’s mom? What happens to Kaine Foods and what happens to the inheritance. The ending was probably one of the worst korean drama endings I have ever watched.

If you are interested in a roller coater emotional journey, this is a great drama to watch, but if you into the eye candy cast then this is definitely not your cup of tea.



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陈莉娜 Chen Li Na
佟大为 Tong Da Wei

Crime, Drama

Chen Li Na plays a female soldier who decides to enter military training. At camp, she meets a mysterious and stoic trainer whom she falls in love with. During an operation on a hijacked aircraft, he dies from a gunshot wound and Li Na as well as her fellow female cadets are all deeply affected.

Years pass and each of the girls go their own way. Only Li Na remains at camp to train future cadets, much like her first love. A training accident renders Li Na unable to teach at the camp anymore and so begins her journey into the outside world. She enters a dangerous world but at the same time tries to find love again. Her courage as a soldier, her love for her country and family, and also her fellow girls from camp all motivate her through her struggles. Finding herself shunned from place to place and angrily misunderstood, Li Na continues on with a strong heart. She meets two men who are best friends and they both fall in love with her.

In a circle of fate, people who seemed to have moved on with their lives seem to reappear into Li Na’s life and things begin to reveal themselves for better or worse. Can Li Na continue to face all the difficult challenges thrown in her path? Will she ever forget her first love and accept new love? Can she trust the smiling man who has both a bright future and rich family? Although she is no longer a soldier, will she ever need to fight for her life again or to save lives?

I want to say first off that I really cannot give much information about names of actors and actresses and plot details because I’m not a strong reader of simplified Chinese. My understanding of the mainland dialect only goes so far and so I am not too clear on the details.

I really think that police dramas like these are really great works and filled with a solid acting cast. Li Na has a great role but sometimes I felt she was a little to old-looking to play the part. I’ve never been a fan of Tong Da Wei and honestly I was not excited about watching him in this drama. The other male lead played a great role in being the secretive and two faced antagonist. The other characters and supporting crew were all really great and I really got sucked into the mood and background of the drama.

The storyline was good but I had a few annoyances at the romance portions. Even though there were a couple scenes throughout the drama, they were not that well done. Most of the plot ran along the lines of Li Na’s struggles and I felt that a lot of the romance was unnecessary. I think the director and script writers did a great job in creating a good character for the main female lead even though they mis casted. Li Na played a strong and athletic character who definitely kicked some major ass. I really recommend people to at least watch the first three or four episodes before they consider dropping or continuing since the story gets spicy as it moves along.


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