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Episode 4 Part 1

Zhi Hao: You, who do you think you are, causing such a ruckus in my house?

Hao Yun: You think I like being here? China is such a big place. If I have the rotten luck of meeting you again, I’ll become your servant. At that time, I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Even my dog has never kissed me…but that lucky idiot (stole my first kiss)!

Xi Yan: This time, I come looking for you…is on behalf of the LJ company.

Ming Wei: We have already given the project to another company. Have they not notified you?

Xi Yan: I think, you guys must have some other reason. This issue has nothing to do with Zhi Hao, please do not worry, I will follow my promise to marry Wang Zhi Hao.

Father: Hey, stand right there!

Zhi Hao: Me?

Father: Hey youngster, when you bump into someone, you should apologize before leaving.

Zhi Hao: Oh…sorry.

Father: Hey, wait, you wait up! You must apologize again, genuinely.

Zhi Hao: I’ve already apologized.

Father: What kind of attitude are you giving me right now. To someone old enough to be your father, apologize again.

Zhi Hao: Okay, I’m sorry.

Father: You…

Zhi Hao Father: How come I haven’t seen the coach yet.

Ming Wei: He should be here soon.

Zhi Hao: Father. I’m late.

Ming Wei: No problem.

Zhi Hao Father: Coach You (Surname)!

Hao Yun Father: Chairman, how are you?

Zhi Hao Father: Us two old men should meet more often.

Hao Yun Father: Isn’t that so. How come you haven’t been to the soccer field in awhile? Your complexion doesn’t seem quite good.

Zhi Hao Father: Really? It can’t be. Your observation skills are not as great as they used to be. How can my complexion be bad? Come come, let me introduce you to someone. Zhi Hao! This is my son. This man here is the coach of our soccer team, Coach You, he is also my old teammate. What are you standing there for, hurry and greet him.

Zhi Hao: How are you, I’m Zhi Hao.

Hao Yun Father: You Zi Guo.

Good Good.

Hao Yun: I’m sorry! Am I late?

Worker: No no, there’s no more time, hurry on in and change.

Hao Yun: Uniform? If I knew beforehand I would have gone on a diet!

Worker: Hurry up and go change, don’t stand around here.

Random Guy: Miss Hao Yun!

Zhi Hao: Sorry about earlier, I was too rushed.

Hao Yun Father: I as well, I was too aggressive. ??? I’m sorry. If you have time stop by the soccer field. Your father and I have practiced there many times. Now, I want to see your ability. Ah, now I should call you, Mister chairman.

Zhi Hao: No problem, mister coach.

Voice: Everyone, please let me announce, LJ’s new soccer team chairman, Wang Zhi Hao. Now it begins.

Zhi Hao: Hello everyone…hello everyone. I am very grateful to everyone for coming to our LJ soccer team club. I am very thankful to everyone.

In the bathroom.

Zhi Hao: Dad. Why are you drinking tap water?

Zhi Hao Father: No no, I was just rinsing my mouth.

Person: Manager, shouldn’t the head of the soccer team be yours? If it’s like this, ??? (too tired to figure it out now haha sorry guys)

Hao Yun: Earning money is so difficult. Just then, I was scared to death. How can I be so unlucky. Poor you (she means herself)!

Hao Yun Father: Soccer is a sport all about kicking with the legs.

Chef: Sir! I’m sorry. This lady suddenly ran into me.

Hao Yun: What? Now you are pushing all the blame on me? How can there be a man like you pushing the blame on others. Are you saying that I have eyes on the back of my head.

Chef: Hey Miss, you still can’t just back up like that?



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Note: Sorry I haven’t been able to hard sub. It takes too long and I really haven’t found the time to do it. I’ve made these dialogue translations that probably are pretty close to what the actual translations are. I’m not great with mandarin but I’ve done my best. Please don’t flame my poor language skills. 😛 I know sometimes it’s a little hard to read, but you can try making this summary window to the side so you can scroll down the dialogue as you watch the video.

Episode 3 Part 1

Hao Yun: Ahh, so the LJ Group was in a place like this? That no good man, he better smarten up a little.

Hao Yun sees Zhou Ming sitting dejectedly on the staircase.

Hao Yun: Hey kid!

Zhou Ming: Sister! Sister, hi.

Hao Yun: Do you feel regretful towards me now? A man should never keep his head down, understand?

Zhou Ming: It’s because I feel really sorry about that day.

Hao Yun: You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s that weird father of yours who was wrong. Oh that’s right, what are you doing here? We sure are fated to keep meeting each other. Don’t tell me you ran away from home again.

Zhou Ming: I’m waiting for my dad.

Hao Yun: That rascal…no I mean…what’s is up with your dad, always leaving you by yourself. What if you were really tricked by a bad person?

Zhou Ming: He’s not my dad.

Hao Yun: Right. You said it right. Those kinds of people aren’t suited to be a father. You cried?

Zhou Ming: I haven’t.

Hao Yun: Hey! Where are you going?

Zhou Ming: Back home.

Hao Yun: Hey kid! Kid! Kid!

Hao Yun rushes after Zhou Ming. A while later Zhi Hao comes out of the building looking for Zhou Ming.

Hao Yun: You sure have a lot of good things here. My dad loves things like these. I need to enjoy these on his behalf. Wow this must be part of an ancient collection. Hey…what is this? It’s made of copper! Not bad. Wow, the TV is huge. It must be nice to watch movies on such a nice home theater.

Back outside, we return to a worried Zhi Hao.

Zhi Hao: Zhou Ming! Zhou Ming! Zhou Ming!

Hao Yun: Ehh? Why is there only one fish?

Zhou Ming: They all died.

Hao Yun: If you raised many different kinds of colorful fish in here it would be so pretty. Oh, that’s right, who lives here?

Zhou Ming: Me and my dad.

Hao Yun: You two live alone in such a big house?

Zhou Ming: How about you?

Hao Yun: My grandmother, my father, my mom, my uncle, my younger brother, and also me.

Zhou Ming: Do you want to take a look at my room?

Zhou Ming: Sister, look this is my room.

Hao Yun: Wahh, its beautiful.

Zhou Ming: Look, this is the one you bought me.

Hao Yun: If you put all the fish here into the tank, it would surely be very pretty. Wow, it’s so soft.

We suddenly switch to a scene at the office.

Xi Yan: What are you talking about?

Aide Worker: I’m talking about the current LG Group project. The company just called and said that they don’t want to work with us anymore.

Xi Yan: How can this be?

Aide Worker: It’s just a guess, but is it because of the wedding? You do know that the Director of the LJ Group Wang Ming Wei is Wang Zhi Hao’s brother.

Xi Yan: What does that have to do with it? Don’t tell me they can’t separate business and private affairs. I’ll make a trip there.

Aide Worker: Okay.

Secretary: Miss Lin, I’m very sorry, our Director just went out to take care of some business. How about you sit here and wait for a while?

Ming Wei: How are you?

Ming Wei notices that Xi Yan is speaking with his secretary.

Ming Wei: Xi Yan? Please come in. Please type up these documents. Let’s go in. Please come in. Sit. So what brings you here looking for me?

Xi Yan: I’m here today because of the LG Group project.

Ming Wei: Oh, for this reason? We’ve already handed the project over to another company. They haven’t notifed you?

Xi Yan: This is the reason why I’m here. I can’t accept your decision over this matter.

Ming Wei: This is the company’s decision. Honestly speaking, I don’t like your method of handling things.

Xi Yan: This is your personal reason.

Ming Wei: We know that your negotiation skills are very accomplished, but you are still very new in this line of business. We don’t believe you have the necessary experience.

Xi Yan: I’m thinking that there may be some more private discrimination against me. I’m a professional and will never mix my personal life with work.

Ming Wei: I must apologize; I am a professional as well. A corporate negotiation is like a battlefield. There can’t be any mistake. What we need now is a more experienced negotiator to work with us.

Xi Yan: Fine then, you can take this chance to take a closer look at my proposal.

Ming Wei reaches out to take the folder but she swings her arm away just before he can take the folder.

Xi Yan: Director Wang, I hope you can look over this carefully.

Ming Wei: I will.

Xi Yan: Since this business has nothing to do with Zhi Hao, you don’t have to worry, I will do as I say.

Ming Wei: Zhi Hao. Can you tell me exactly what position Zhi Hao holds in your heart?

Xi Yan: His position in my heart should be like a very precious jewel. But for the sake of business, I could take off all the jewelry on my body.

Ming Wei: Very interesting. To compare your loved one to a jewel does that mean that love is just a piece of decoration?

Xi Yan: Then what do you think?

Ming Wei: You have ambition.

Xi Yan: Ambition? I can see this in your eyes as well. The two of us really share this similarity. I’ll take my leave.

As Xi Yan leaves Ming Wei’s office, she turns around one last time.

Xi Yan: I can promise you that after this project negotiation you will definitely like the way I do things.

The Phone on Ming Wei’s desk rings.

Ming Wei: Hello? I’ve decided to hand this project over to Lin Xi Yan. I believe that she has the ability. Okay, thank you.

Back at Zhou Ming’s house:

Zhou Ming: Sister, you are so beautiful. Sister, you are wrong, it should be a movement like this.

Hao Yun: Hold on. Look. Is it like that?

Zhou Ming: That’s it! Sister, can you also do this!

Hao Yun: Come here, come here. Let’s play together. Come, it’s fun! Come up here Zhou Ming come on! Please come here, it’s so fun! Look, how is this?

Zhou Ming and Hao Yun playfully dance on the couch when the front door opens and Zhi Hao comes in.

Zhi Hao: Zhou Ming! What are you guys doing? It’s you.

Hao Yun: If you don’t remember this face of mine I would be sad! No matter how strict my father is with me he has never slapped me. Who would have thought I got harshly slapped by you. You even took me to the detention center, do you know what kind of place that is?

Zhi Hao: Who do you think you are, yellowing and making a scene.

Hao Yun: You sure know how to pull a Zhu Ba Jie. (Character from a famous Chinese story book abou the Monkey King). Let me tell you, even if you get on your knees right now I wouldn’t forgive you. Yelling and making a scene? Have you never met such a beautiful person like me with such a beautiful voice?

Zhi Hao: Zhou Ming, come here. Don’t hang around idiots like her.

Hao Yun: What are you talking about? How am I brainless?

Zhi Hao: Ahh, now I know why you keep hounding me. This is your compensation money.

Hao Yun: Cruel bastard. Okay…money? Of course I have to take it. To think of all the injustices I’ve gone through…this small sum. How much is this?

Zhi Hao: What? It’s not enough?

Hao Yun: It’s not that…

Zhi Hao: Hurry up and leave now.

Hao Yun: Hey wait. Do you think I want to stay around here? China is such a big place. If I have the rotten luck to meet you again, I’ll become your servant. At that time, I’ll do whatever you tell me to do. (She actually means this in a patronizing and jesting manner thinking the fact that they will never have to meet again). Okay, I’m leaving.

Zhou Ming: Sister don’t leave!

Hao Yun: Little monster, it was very nice to meet you.

Zhou Ming: Me too.

Zhi Hao: Zhou Ming. Let go.

Hao Yun: Kid, you already forgot after such a short time? Men don’t look downwards. I beg you, please take care of him more thoughtfully and not let him feel lonely. Every time I meet him something will happen. You tell me to just get up and leave, I really don’t like this place anyways. I’m warning you, don’t always push me to my limit. I hope we never meet again. Okay I’m leaving.

After having the last line, Hao Yun makes a fool of herself when she can’t find the front door.

Zhou Ming: Sister, the door is that way.

Hao Yun: What is this place. It’s so big that its pointless. I’m going.

Zhi Hao: How can there be women like her?

Hao Yun: Huh? What’s going on? Why is the piano here?

Manager: Hey careful everyone. Make sure not to put a scratch on it. You’re here?

Hao Yun: Manager…

Manager: I’m really embarrassed to tell this to you. From today on, we don’t need a piano accompanist anymore.

Hao Yun: Why not?

Manager: This store’s business isn’t that great and only owes money, not make money. I’ve sold it. I’ve already paid you this month’s salary so this is to say we are cleanly finished. Just leave it at that okay? Hey you guys, careful, be careful please.

Hao Yun: You Hao Yun, You Hao Yun. Hao Yun. Dad, why is my name Hao Yun (good luck in Chinese). Why do I have such rotten luck. It’s hard enough already hard enough to find more work and I’ve just been fired. That’s right, the money that bastard gave me. Huh? Where is the money?

Zhi Hao: So careless. Zhou Ming. You really don’t want to go with me? Hey.

Zhou Ming: Forget it.

Zhi Hao: Okay, I promise you. Today will be the last day you’ll be alone. The babysitter will come tomorrow.

Zhou Ming: Sister is so good to me but I don’t know why dad is so mean to her.

Zhi Hao: Didn’t I tell you already?

Hao Yun rushes into her uncle’s restaurant.

Waitress: You must be here looking for the chef right?

Hao Yun: That’s right.

Waitress: He’s inside.

Uncle: Oh! Hao Yun. Don’t move. Hao Yun! Hao Yun! Where have you been? Do you know how worried I’ve been? How are you? Is everything okay?

(Not quite sure what the next two lines were)

Hao Yun: I lost it. I’ve been tricked by someone.

Uncle: I know.

Hao Yun: How did you know?

Uncle: Xiao Mei has already told me everything.

Hao Yun: Xiao Mei?

Uncle: Where did you sleep last night?

Hao Yun: At the back of the train station.

Uncle: The train station? Hao Yun, listen to your uncle. Just give up.

Hao Yun: I can’t. If dad knew about this…no I can’t.

Uncle: Then where will you sleep tonight?

Hao Yun: I’ve already spoken with Xiao Mei, I’ll just squeeze into her place for a few days.

Uncle: Let’s just say you do stay there tonight, what about in the future?

Hao Yun: This will only work for the time being. I’ll think of something later.

Uncle: You can’t keep this a secret forever.

Hao Yun: That’s true, but however long we can keep it, we keep it.

Uncle: Even if you will get beaten you might as well get beaten earlier. If you can’t tell it now we need to make a long term plan. Just go on home. I will say some good things on your behalf. Hold on a minute.

Mother: Aye, how many meals have you not eaten?

Hao Yun: What hunger? I just discovered how great my mom’s cooking was. Where is Grandma?

Father: She already went to bed. Have you unpacked everything already?

Uncle: Haha, once our Hao Yun comes back the feeling in this house is completely different. Isn’t that right sister-in-law.

Mother: Who said it wasn’t like that. When she’s here we don’t feel it but only when she’s gone we understand it. We are still not used to not having Hao Yun at home. Since it’s like this should I move back?

Brother: Are you playing games? You want to move back already?

Hao Yun: You bad kid. You talk to your older sister with such a disrespectful tone?

Father: Right when you come back you fight with your brother.

Hao Yun: I’m sorry.

Brother: I’m done eating.

Uncle: Oh right, your friend who got her house robbed, is everything alright? Hao Yun’s neighborhood recently had some robbers who especially targeted girls living by themselves.

Mother: No way.

Father: Really?

Uncle: I think the word is that they haven’t been caught yet.

Hao Yun: That’s right.

Uncle: This time, isn’t it better if you came home to live? It’s scary even hearing about it.

Mother: That’s right. You should come home.

Hao Yun: Really? Actually…mom. I…

Brother: Dad, where is my DVD?

Mother: Go look for it by yourself.

Brother: Mom, what is this?

Mother: Those are just some old songs. (Seems to be something fishy, probably something about Hao Yun’s dead brother again.)

Stopped 22:11

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Sound Tracks
Since some people couldn’t download the songs, I didn’t want to have to send it to everyone. You can listen to it here.

胭脂雪 Rogue Snow
[Fan Bing Bing] 胭脂雪 Theme Song

新不了情 C’est La Vie, Mon Cheri
[Fiona Sit] – 新不了情 Insert song
[Jane Zhang] – 新不了情 Theme song
[Gao Na] – 撕了那封信

Pure White Love
[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 第一百天 The 100th Day
[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 纯白的爱 Pure White Love (Start & End Theme?)

Up On Stage
[Sweety] – When I have a Dream – Wo You Meng Xiang De Shi
[Sweety] – Ending Theme – Love is Just Like This? Ai Shi Zhen Me Yi Hui Shi

Shanghai Bund
就算没有明天 Even if There is No Tomorrow
歌未央 Echo

Sweet Relationship
[周渝民] – Ai Shang Zhe Shi Jie Falling in Love With this World

Imee Pop Up Streaming


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Jang Nara as You Hao Yun
Shawn Yue as Wang Zhi Hao
Yang Xue as Lin Xi Yan
Yan Kuan as Wang Ming Wei


Jang Nara is You Hao Yun, a young woman who leaves Korea with her family and settles down in Shanghai. Her family seems to be close knit and caring, but there is always the shadow of her dead brother weighing on them. For years You Hao Yun has lived with the guilt of being alive while her brother is gone and finally she seizes the chance to move out into the world. Pursuing her dream of being a pianist and singer, she tries to live on her own in Shanghai and ends up meeting a CEO’s son, Shawn Yue, who plays as Zhi Hao.

Seemingly by fate, the two constantly collide with each other in the most unexpected places and one thing leads to another. Unknowingly Hao Yun becomes the nanny of Zhi Hao’s adopted son. Living in the same house, the two begin to develop a relationship, but Zhi Hao already has a fiance. How will this story progress and what happens when Hao Yun’s father discovers the truth? Will Hao Yun ever step out of her brother’s shadow and succeed at her own dream?

I enjoyed Jang Nara’s performance very much. Although she is growing out of her cute roles, she still manages to portray a young and naive girl, but one with a very mature outlook on life. Throughout the entire drama, I felt she did an extremely good job and I think that she was able to show how her character matured and developed through the story. Shawn Yue on the other hand was a weak character throughout the whole drama, even out-shown by the secondary lead Yan Kuan. He seemed very mellow through the whole drama without any real accomplishment other than to react to all the other supporting cast. The non main roles were very nicely done by both Korean and Chinese actors and actresses. Having seen many Korean dramas, I recognized a good number of veteran adult actors and actresses playing the family roles.

All in all I thought the plot was very interesting. I really enjoyed Jang Nara’s performance. I felt that the sections that covered the uncle and friend’s side love story was a bit draggy but other than that I think this is a very good drama to watch, not to mention the theme song and other songs sung in the drama were really great, especially the songs by Jang Nara herself.


[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 第一百天 The 100th Day

Ok, after searching a bunch of Chinese websites, I was able to find a medium quality version of her song. (Slightly better than radio quality. I really liked this song. If you can’t seem to download it leave me a comment here and I’ll re-upload it. If you find a better quality one let me know. Also, if you know where the other songs in the OST are please let me know too! Download Sendspace.

[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 爱情的方向 Love’s Direction
[张娜拉 Jang Nara] – 纯白的爱 Pure White Love (Start & End Theme?)

I’m currently looking for these songs again. My hard drive died over the summer so I’ve never had a chance to find them again. I’ll have them in a couple of days. They area however still uploaded on my IMEEM account under haywires.


Watching Good Morning Shanghai Online:
Watch 1 Episode at a time
Watch 1/2 Episode at a time

English Subtitles: Here

If you cannot read Chinese, you can ask for help. It’s simple enough. The full episodes at once load a lot slower than if you watched by half episodes, but I think the quality for the full episodes are a bit better. I haven’t looked through all the play lists so I can’t say these are the best quality ones on the site, feel free to search around yourself.

If anyone has access to episode downloads please let me know.

Episode Translations:
Episode 01 Part 1 Summary
Episode 01 Part 2 Summary
Episode 02 Part 1 Summary
Episode 02 Part 2 Summary
Episode 03 Part 1 Summary

Which style do you prefer? Part 1 is more summary, Part 2 is almost line by line.

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