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Fann Wong as Guan Si Jia
Tay Pang Hui as Xiao Hu
Christopher Lee as Tang Xing Yang

Medical, Romance

Dr. Si Jia was about to become married with her boyfriend Xing Yang when tragedy strikes and he is killed. Si Jia spends her days taking care of patients as well as Xing Yang’s mother and sick brother. Things become dangerous when unknowingly, a couple SARS patients are brought into the hospital. Before long, the epidemic has spread like fire. Another doctor at the hospital Xiao Hu works alongside Si Jia and discovers her inner turmoil.

Can Si Jia ever overcome the death of her old fiance? What will happen when the SARS epidemic intensifies and who is the next person to get it?

I’m sorry about the short plot summary, but it is really a simple story. I think this drama is what first introduced me to Fann Wong and made me watch some of her other works. Honestly this is a Singaporean drama but I was too lazy to make a new category so I just stuck it in with the mainland dramas. The SARS epidemic was indeed a scary time even for me since I have family in that area, but luckily everything turned out alright. I’ve watched the news channels about the events overseas but never an up close experience. This drama is not what you might expect of a medical drama. I can’t say they focus too much on the medical aspect from say Surgeon Bong Hal Dee or New Heart, but they do seem to be fairly convincing doctors. Although I can’t say I like the actor who played Xiao Hu since he reminds me of Dicky Cheung, I really loved Fann Wong as Si Jia. She is very beautiful and plays a very innocent and kind character.

It has been awhile since I’ve last seen this so I won’t talk about it too much, but it did leave an impression in me and I would think that this drama is less well known than most other Asian dramas. It is only 14 episodes and I felt it was a pretty solid drama. There are many great moment, very touching, please enjoy this drama if you have time.



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