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Note: I apologize for the roughness of the translation. I didn’t edit and I didn’t check up any phrases. This is purely my understanding of the drama by ear.

HY Father: Hao Yun that girl, she must know what today is. Why isnt she back yet? Well then, see how I punish her.
HY grandma: Sister, you are back.
HY Father: Count yourself lucky today. If you didn’t make it back in time I would have grounded you for a week. Do you hear me?
HY: Yes.

HY mom: Next time come home earlier.
HY uncle: Hao Yun is sure punctual, today especially, she got back on the minute.
HY grandma: Sister! Cai Yu brother is back, Cai Yu.

Doctor: You can’t be too strict. Things ended up like that can you blame Zhi Hao? Being his father you should be more accomadating. Don’t be hard on him all day.
ZH father: I have never beat him. Three years old is young, seven years old is old. This kid, I have no more expectations for him.
Doctor: Old man, I understand. This is you not speaking what is on your heart. Being a parent, you can’t be too critical of him. Zhi Hao is a pitiful child. If you give him a little trust, I believe he can be very successful.
ZH father: Forget it.
Doctor: If you can take half of the atitude you are with Ming Wei and direct it toward Zhi Hao, then all will be good.
ZH father: Ming Wei is takes care of business very well by himself.
Doctor: I am very clear. You have some guilt toward Ming Wei, but Zhi Hao is a pitiful child.
ZH father: Alright thats enough.

ZH father: Come on in.
ZH: Call grandfather.
ZM: Grandfather how are you.
Doctor: How are you too.
ZH: Dad. Call grandfather.
ZM: Grandfather.
ZH father: Have you seen todays paper.
ZH: No.
ZH father: Look at it well.
ZM: Dad!
ZH father: Why did you bring him here? Where do you think this is. Is this a theme park? There’s nothing about you where I can be satisfied.
ZM: Grandfather you are bad.
ZH: Hey, don’t be impolite. Go wait outside.

ZH: Whatever you say is fine, don’t say it in front of the child.
ZH father: Hrmm, you are sure responsible for that kid. Why can’t you think about the company? You miss work whenever you want. Don’t tell me that your mood is bad because of the wedding and ask for understanding. I will just look down on you more.
ZH: The thing about the wedding is indeed my error. But I really have difficulties.
ZH father: Difficulties, who in this world doesn’t have difficulties. Is this company a playground? Are you here for vacation? Being stood up at your wedding by a woman, being careless at work. What exactly are you thinking? Why do you live in this world? This is weird, how can you be my son? Bastard. How is your new project progressing?
ZH: We are almost seventy or eighty percent done with the new project.
ZH father: You listen up, I want to give you a new assignment. I want you to take over my job of managing the soccer team. Alright, I’ll give you two days time to consider, then come and give me your reply. You can go back now.
ZH: Then I’ll leave first.
Doctor: Zhi Hao. (JIA YOUUUUUUU :P)

Doctor: Wang sir, how can you treat Zhi Hao like that?
ZH father: I don’t know either. I just look at him now and get so angry.

HY father: hurry, keep up. You youngsters only ran 100 laps and are tired like this, even giving me this kind of sour face. Listen well, although each of your names is important, the team name on your back is even more important. Don’t think that just because you are good yourself that you can command the field. Soccer isn’t a solo sport, its a group effort.

ZH father: ahh, our problem is that we are both lonely.
Doctor: That’s enough, why are you still smoking? It’s never too late. What you need to do now is get hospitalized and accept the treatment. Good, get to the hospital immediately and set your surgery date.
ZH father: Are you afraid I’ll die already?
Doctor: Old man, that isn’t my meaning.
ZH father: It’s alright. Isn’t human life just like that? This is death and that is death. Even death is in between. It’s too bad we can’t let other people know, otherwise many things will be affected, especially this companies future plans.
Doctor: Don’t worry about this point.
ZH father: I’ll leave first.
Doctor: I’ve told you all the facts already, you two talk.
ZH father: That…Xi Yan, what happened to her?
MW: There was a project meeting at that hour, she was the project manager.
ZH father: Yesterday was her wedding day!
MW: Yes, she originally was not going to go, but for some reason, she made a big change of mind. In regard to this I am very sorry.
ZH father: What are you apologizing for, I already heard bad things about this young lady, but I didn’t think she would be this outrageous. Zhi Hao this bastard is really useless. He can’t even control a girl well.

Doctor: What are you still smoking for? It’s never too late, what you need to do now is to get hospitalized.
MW: If theres nothing else, I’ll go back to work first.
ZH father: Tonight, let’s go back and have dinner together.
MW: I’m sorry, I already have an appointment tonight director.
ZH father: Only when it is the two of us, you don’t have to call me director.
MW: Yes. Father.
ZH father: That’s good, you can go back first.
MW: Ok. I’ll leave first.

HY father: Whats the matter? You just said this place was good a few days ago.
HY mother: Look at mother, sometimes she is clear minded and some time she is confused. If something happens how will I be responsible for it?
HY father: How long will you keep acting like that. (toward HY?) Either keep studying or find a job. I don’t know what she is thinking.
HY: That…I know I can’t keep acting like this. So I made a decision. Dad, I want to move out.
HY father: you want to what?
HY: Move out.
Uncel: what out?
HY brother: HY sister says she wants to move out by herself.
HY father: I’ll pretend I didnt hear anything.
HY: I’m not joking.
HY father: You dare to keep saying that?
HY mother: HY…
HY: Iv’e already rented a place with my friend.
HY father: what?

HY father: I’ll tell you clearly, this can’t happen.
HY mother: Quick, tell him that you understand.
HY: No, I want to move out. Dad, dad, just promise me.
HY father: You bad girl, you dare to defy your father.
Uncle: calm down brother, calm down.
HY mother: You won’t say anything? Hurry up and say you are wrong.
Uncle: HY, hurry.
HY: Moving out alone isn’t a big crime.
HY father: What are you saying, you can’t even raise yourself and you bring up independence. You should learn from others, keep going to school or find a job. If you don’t do that you will always be thinking these thoughts. Don’t you know that your life was traded with your brothers?
Uncle: If Cai Yu saw use like this he must be really sad. HY, HY, just pretend nothing happened.
HY: Please promise me.
HY father: bad girl, bad girl.
HY grandma: Bad man, bad man!
HY father: come with me.

HY father: I’ll give you three chances. If you can’t score in three tries, you can’t ever talk about moving out again.
HY father: This society is not that easy.
HY father: The daughter of a soccer coach can only kick to this standard? Come, one more shot.

HY: dad…
HY father: A competition is a competition. You lost so you cant ever bring up moving out.
HY: Thats too unfair. This is just a race between a rabbit and a turtle. The competition was decided at the beggining for the rabbit.
HY father: what do you want to say?
HY: I want to say, you are a soccer coach. If we measure using soccer of course I cant win.
HY father: Then do you want to compete with the piano?
HY: That’s not my meaning.
HY father: Don’t keep finding excuses. Speaking frankly, only people with ability can win. If you aren’t happy, go practice. For example, find a job at a big company, or meet a good man and get married, work hard like that. If it’s like that, your parents are willing to lose to you.
HY: dad.
HY father: leave.

HY mother: Are you alright?
HY: I’m sorry.
HY mother: Your father isn’t doing this because he hates you, he has high expectations for you thats why. You want to move out this badly?
HY: I can’t breathe. It should be my older brother. This place, should have been his. It should have been my smarter and more obedient brother.
HY mother: HY!
HY: Mother, you can still cry. For me, every anniversy of his death, I can’t cry at all. Even crying will let me feel guilt. I want to live a normal life out of his shadow.
HY mother: Go to sleep first. I have never thought about that once, how good it would be if you were your brother. You can live so well, I already thank the Gods. That incident happened so long ago, let’s just all forget it.
HY: Mother, some things can never be forgotten no matter how long.

HY: Brother!


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Episode 01 Part 1 Summary:

Zhi Hao, because of his friend’s last wishes, takes in the child. This little boy changes Zhi Hao’s life forever.

Xi Yan: I still have a card up my sleeve, try to delay it as long as possible.
Guests: Congratulations Director Wang.

Ming Wei: It’s not like you don’t know her temper.
Zhi Hao’s father comes and asks what is going on with the wedding. Why is Xi Yan not here yet?
Ming Wei: Everything will be fine, don’t worry.
Zhi Hao’s father: Letting the guests wait is very impolite.

Ming Wei: She’s still not ready, we have to wait some more.
The wedding music begins to play, Ming Wei takes the com and tells them to stop.

Hao Yun rides her bike in a rush.
Store Manager: Hao Yun! Where are you off to?
Hao Yun: I’m going to attend a wedding! I’ll see you later!
Store Manager: Ok! I wish you Hao Yun (good luck in Chinese).

Usher: Miss, what are you doing here?
Hao Yun: I’m here to play the piano. Oh, I’m so late!

Hao Yun: Hey, why are they all leaving?
Hao Yun tries get her paycheck from the supervisor.
Hao Yun: Give me my money please! I turned down a lot of other jobs to come here! Now I’m here. My mom always told me not to do business for no profit!
Supervisor: Ok, ok, I can compensate your travel fare, but you didn’t even play the piano. Are you a theif?
Hao Yun: It’s not my fault the wedding didn’t work out! Please give me my money.

Ming Wei: This is your piano playing money. Is it enough?
Hao Yun: Why are you giving me money? Are you giving this to me? Is it mine?
Ming Wei: You don’t believe me?
Hao Yun: It’s not that. I’m a person who always meets with bad luck, when something good happens I’m always skeptical.
Ming Wei: I just don’t want anybody attending my little brother’s wedding to have any loss.
Hao Yun: Thank you so much. There are indeed good people left in this world!

Xi Yan: I’m sorry Zhi Hao, I have some urgent matters to attend to. I need to leave. I’ll be back. You have to wait for me.
Zhi Hao talks to Xi Yan about what happened. How could she do such a thing with so many guests present. Does she love her work that much? Xi Yan asks if all she has to do is apologize to them.
Zhi Hao: I told them you were sick so you couldn’t come. You better go home and rest. I’m setting our next wedding date three months from now.
Xi Yan: How can you decide the date by yourself? Why didn’t you discuss it with me?

Zhi Hao: I’m asking if you wanted to go in and see Zhou Ming?
Xi Yan: Why? Why must I see him before I leave?
Zhi Hao: You are asking why?
Xi Yan: That’s right, I’m asking because I don’t know.

Xi Yan: After we are married, I’ll see him everyday.
Zhi Hao: What you’re saying is that you don’t want to meet him?
Xi Yan: This is what you are saying, It didn’t come from my mouth. And yes, about Zhou Ming, there was something I wanted to talk to you about. After we are married, can we let him…
Zhi Hao: Xi Yan!
Xi Yan: That’s right, I don’t want to see him.

Xi Yan: I don’t want to suffer like this. I won’t lie to you. I am not happy to have to live with Zhou Ming.
Zhi Hao: You say unhappy? Didn’t you say before you were happy to let Zhou Ming be your son? Now you are saying you are not happy?
Xi Yan: Yes, I said that before, but now the circumstances are different. I just want to live alone with you for awhile.

Xi Yan: Anyways, about Zhou Ming, I’ve already said my mind. The wedding is about both of us, I hope you can think from my perspective for once. You are tired, go in and rest first. I’ll come by some other day to see Zhou Ming.

Hao Yun and Xiao Mei are about to sign a contract for an apartment. Hao Yun is a little doubtful of this particular place. Hao Yun tells Xiao Mei that she has a weird premonition about today. She got money, more money than she would have gotten, and she didn’t even play the piano. The manager shows them around. The apartment is both clean and nice looking, but Hao Yun asks the manager why the owner wants to sell it so cheaply. The manager tells them that the owner was sent to the states and was anxious to rent it out. Xiao Mei asks the manager to forgive Hao Yun for being nosy. Hao Yun always gets bad luck. The manager is fine with it, he tells them people in their profession have to be upstanding an honest.

Hao Yun and Xiao Mei are ecstatic that they have finally moved out of their homes. Hao Yun hasn’t told her own parents yet though.
Hao Yun: I should have told them a long time ago, but my dad isn’t the average father. Xiao Mei, you won’t understand. Father! Just promise to let me live here!

Hao Yun: I’m moving out. Can I?
Hao Yun: Dad, I want to move out. I want to be independent!

Hao Yun: Brother!

Zhi Hao’s father arrives in a black car. His friend and doctor advises him to go to the hospital and check on his body. He thinks back at his memories of his wife and son, Zhi Hao.
Doctor: Young miss! Be more careful!
Zhi Hao’s father: It’s alright. Let’s go.
Hao Yun: Hey, this isn’t just my fault. Eh! At least you should say a sorry.

Hao Yun’s father: How can you just leave the door open like this?
Hao Yun’s mother: If our son came back and the door was locked, then he wouldn’t be able to get in.
Hao Yun’s father: This is the last time.
Hao Yun’s mother: What do you mean?
Hao Yun’s father: How can we prepare this every year?
Hao Yun’s mother: I do this of my own will.
Hao Yun’s father: A son that left this world before before his parents.

Hao Yun’s mother: I will remember him.

Hao Yun’s mother: Even if it is just this one day of the year, I want to make him a good meal, why can’t you understand?

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Fann Wong as Guan Si Jia
Tay Pang Hui as Xiao Hu
Christopher Lee as Tang Xing Yang

Medical, Romance

Dr. Si Jia was about to become married with her boyfriend Xing Yang when tragedy strikes and he is killed. Si Jia spends her days taking care of patients as well as Xing Yang’s mother and sick brother. Things become dangerous when unknowingly, a couple SARS patients are brought into the hospital. Before long, the epidemic has spread like fire. Another doctor at the hospital Xiao Hu works alongside Si Jia and discovers her inner turmoil.

Can Si Jia ever overcome the death of her old fiance? What will happen when the SARS epidemic intensifies and who is the next person to get it?

I’m sorry about the short plot summary, but it is really a simple story. I think this drama is what first introduced me to Fann Wong and made me watch some of her other works. Honestly this is a Singaporean drama but I was too lazy to make a new category so I just stuck it in with the mainland dramas. The SARS epidemic was indeed a scary time even for me since I have family in that area, but luckily everything turned out alright. I’ve watched the news channels about the events overseas but never an up close experience. This drama is not what you might expect of a medical drama. I can’t say they focus too much on the medical aspect from say Surgeon Bong Hal Dee or New Heart, but they do seem to be fairly convincing doctors. Although I can’t say I like the actor who played Xiao Hu since he reminds me of Dicky Cheung, I really loved Fann Wong as Si Jia. She is very beautiful and plays a very innocent and kind character.

It has been awhile since I’ve last seen this so I won’t talk about it too much, but it did leave an impression in me and I would think that this drama is less well known than most other Asian dramas. It is only 14 episodes and I felt it was a pretty solid drama. There are many great moment, very touching, please enjoy this drama if you have time.


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Leon Jay Williams as William Spencer Wei Lian
Esther Liu as Sophie Su Fei
Song Zhi Ai as Susan Su Shan
Ethan Ruan as Owen Jin Ou Wen
David Chen as Brian Director Shang


Su Fei is the daughter of a well-to-do family and William is the son of a rich family tied to the Spencer Music School. Owen is Su Fei’s childhood neighbor and Su Shan is Su Fei’s family driver. Su Fei is a kind girl and has a close relationship with Owen when they were growing up, but one day, Su Fei meets William at school and they instantly fall in love. Su Fei believes that she has found her Knight in shining armor. At the same time Su Shan’s father dies in an accident and because her mother has already left them, Su Fei’s family decides to adopt Su Shan as their own daughter. Being deprived of love for much of her life and jealous of Su Fei and Owen, she becomes an overbearing older sister and often torments Su Fei, often telling people that Su Fei is the one adopted.

Without any warning, both Owen and William leave. Many years later, Su Fei and Su Shan are both older. Su Fei holds the Green Forest Outdoor Music School very dear while Su Shan works diligently at the Spencer music academy. Spencer and Owen return from abroad to the music school. Does Owen have another reason for returning? Will Spencer be able to tell weather Su Fei or Su Shan was that girl from many years ago? What will happen in the battle between the Green Forest Music School and the Spencer Music Academy?

Ming Dao as Tao Si
Achel Zhang as Cao Ke Rui
Li Yang as Lu Tian Qi
Yang Ya Zhu as Meng Xin


Many many years ago, a young girl saves Tao Si from drowning in the lake. She shows him the way to stop crying as well as the legend of the apple tree. This memory is forever ingrained in their memories, but as the years pass in separation, they both grow up. Tao Si is forced into a marriage that he can’t accept because he doesn’t love Meng Xin. Rui Rui works on his father’s farm and accidentally disturbs the wedding, allowing Tao Si the chance to escape from the wedding. When his parents return home, Tao Si decides to stay at the farm and find his true calling.

As Rui Rui grew up on the farm, she fell in love with Tian Qi who always took care of her and helped her through the hard times. Her mother died when she was young and her father was a little wrong in the head due to the same accident. The more Tao Si and Rui Rui meet each other on the farm, the more they are attracted to each other. Will Tao Si ever find out who Rui Rui really is? What happens when Tao Si finds out Meng Xin was Tian Qi’s old girlfriend? Who will Rui Rui choose?

I want to clump these two dramas together simply because they are almost exactly identical. If you enjoyed one, you will very likely enjoy the other one. I have to say that I had no expectation for both dramas, the leading reason being that they were both Taiwanese dramas with idols. I have no faith in Taiwanese idol acting and story lines. I found both plots to be very unrealistic and very cliche. I can’t help not watching them though because the lead actresses are just too cute. Esther has an edge on Achel in acting but its not that much better.

Both Green Forest and Star Apple both had to do with childhood memories and places that have a lot of small kids all the time. I find the Green Forest Music School a lot like the farm and both of them are threatened with closure in these dramas. Of course they main leads have to fight against this and at the same time become messed in a great bit four cornered love. I don’t want to spoil anything but both dramas have some hospital related scenes near the end and this is where I admit my obsession with near-deaths of the lead actresses.

If you are looking for a kiddy drama with poor acting but a lot of cute scenes, you might be able to sit through the whole series and get to the emotional parts near the end, but other than that, they are just typical Taiwanese drams that I can’t believe I actually sat through them.

Both 2.5/5

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Chen Zi Han as Luo Rou
Lu Yi as Luo Yi
Kou Zhen Hai as Rou and Yi’s father
Li Qin Qin as Rou and Yi’s mother
Jia Nai Liang as Wen Jie

Drama, Romance

When Luo Yi was just a small girl, she was adopted into the Luo family and became the younger sister of Luo Rou. As children, the two never got along. Because of Luo Yi’s kind hearted personality, her father always doted on her more. Luo Rou had a very spoiled and childish personality and often played cruel jokes on Luo Yi. In addition, Luo Yi was deaf in one ear.  The family lived a decent life since the father was owner of a successful company, however, due to some misfortune, the company became bankrupt. Because of this, the mother and father pass away.

This is the story of Luo Yi and Luo Rou and their struggle as siblings in finding love. Luo Rou is often jealous of Luo Yi because she naturally attracts love with her kindness. Because of this, Luo Rou grows up as a person who always competes with Luo Yi both in love and work.

Without their parents, how will the sisters live on? Will Luo Rou’s hatred for her younger sister result in some greater catastrophe? Will Luo Yi ever find her real parents?

I think this is one of the lesser known mainland dramas, although I can’t confirm this because I don’t know the details of the audience from China, but I am sure many people in the US have never heard of this drama. I was just looking around at some video files and I saw the title 雪在烧. It attracted me somewhat and I decided to watch the first episode. It was mostly about the childhood of the two sisters Ru Yi and Zi Han but I was instantly sucked in. Personally, I love characters who embody a certain kindness and innocence. Seeing Luo Yi always give in to her sister was really tear wrenching. I knew that when she grew up the drama would be even better.

I think the acting was very good in this drama. Veteran Chen Zi Han is an actress who is very adept at playing the villain in any drama, or at least the character that we all hate. Her performance in Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 as Guo Fu is proof of this trait. Ru Yi on the other hand really fits her role in this drama. Just by watching her actions I could feel sympathy for her. The supporting cast does a great performance but the main roles of the two sisters really moved me. The drama is a little draggy sometimes but it does move along quite nicely. The drama does not have too many twists but instead presents itself as a very solid flow which helps build up the mood to the very final episode. It is both gratifying and sad at the end but I will let you guys decide how it is.


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Ruby Lin as Fu Jing Jing
Wallace Huo as Lu Yun Xiang
Hao Lei as Fu Ming Ming
Sun Xing as Cheng Gao
Li Li Qun as Lu Ming Kai
Huang Meng as Fan Yang
Liu He Nan as Tan Li Na
Lu Yang as Yang Xin Hua
Chen Luo Qian as Xiao Chen
Zhou Xiao Li as Wang You


Fu Jing Jing is a blind young woman who takes the subway to work everyday at a radio broadcast station. Her parents died when she was young in the same accident that cost her her vision. Yun Xiang is a struggling artist. One day Jing Jing is robbed but she can’t chase the thief because of her eyesight. Yun Xiang helps her get her purse back. This sets off a chain of meetings that eventually bring them together.

What will happen when they discover that they are from each other’s past? Yun Xiang discovers that he has a life threatening disease. Will this tale of love end happily?

Every since watching this drama I’ve become a fan of Ruby Lin. Although her acting in her various works are not always consistent, I felt that she did very nicely in this drama. Although this was a Shanghai drama, I felt that there were many elements of Taiwanese drama incorporated in here. Overall I really liked the mood created by this drama but there were many aspects about the story that could have been better. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched this drama so I can’t remember much of the details about the other characters.

You can stop reading here if you think what I will say might give any near spoilers.

I’m really not sure which drama came first, this or Sound of Silence, but they really seemed similar in the aspects of the plot. The female actress plays a role where she has some bodily defect, in Ruby’s case, her eyes, and the male lead had some sort of terminal illness. The story is a bit cliche but I think the drama really evokes emotion that other dramas lack.


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Sakaguchi Kenji as Asada Ryutaro
Uchida Yuki as Kataoka Kazumi
Koike Teppei as Ijyuuin Noboru
Otsuka Nene as Kodaka Nanami
Kitamura Kazuki as Kirishima Gunji
Abe Sadao as Arase Monji
Mizukawa Asami as Satohara Miki
Sasaki Kuranosuke as Fujiyoshi Keisuke
Natsuki Mari as Kito Shoko
Kishibe Ittoku as Noguchi Takeo
Ikeda Tetsuhiro as Kihara Takehiko
Sato Jiro as Matsudaira Kotaro
Shiga Kotaro as Zenda Hideki
Takahashi Issei as Toyama Seiji
Nakamura Yasuhi as Nomura Hirohito

Medical Drama

Picks up a little after where Iryu 1 ends during the previous season. On an expedition to become heart transplant approved, the Meishin University Medical Hospital brings back an old professor to help clean things up. In the process, Asada as well as the rest of Team Medical Dragon are invited back. Asada, having undergone heart transplant training overseas in the US, has pretty much the same personality. Knowing this, a few incidents cause Asada and a few others to be sent to a nearby hospital. This hospital is very special. All the cases that would otherwise destroy Meishin’s reputation are sent here. The doctor’s that are no longer useful to Meishin are also sent here while the capable ones are taken away. As all this is going on, a battle rages between these two hospitals on a surgical level as well as politically.

How will this power struggle end? Will Meishin destroy this other hospital where Asada has gone? To what lengths will the new manager of Meishin go in order to become a certified heart transplant facility?

To really be able to understand this season you need to first have seen Iryu, the first season. To be honest I was much more impressed with the first installment. Looking at Sakaguchi Kenji’s number of other works, I expected him to act better. In this season, he seemed very aloof and always had the same expression. The supporting cast was very nice as usual. I think that they really tried to make this season more dramatic and that didn’t really suit my tastes. I preferred the first season overall in this aspect.

The music and sound effects were very similar. The story twists got kind of repetitive as well, but hey, who can blame them. Every case that Asada picks up always has difficulty going into surgery, and then something worse has to happen during the surgery. I guess to this point, medical dramas like this can only have so many variations. Also, my friend and I joked about Asada saying “Ikizo (Let’s go)” so many times that we could predict every time he would say it. If watching a very stoic head surgeon and a band of mismatched doctors is to your enjoyment, then please have a good time with this drama. As for me, I can’t say I want to recommend it so:


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