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Kitagawa Keiko as Sasaki Rena
Kawaguchi Haruna as Minemori Kotoha
Miura Takahiro as Kubozuka Yuma
Dean Fujioka as Kirishima Sota
Ito Masayuki as Doi Shuzo
Rokkaku Shinji as Saeki Yuji
Takayama Yuko as Ine Ryoko
Shibuya Kento (渋谷謙人) as Hasebe Noriyasu
Sakata Masanobu as Funase Takashi
Yoshine Kyoko as Sasaki Sakura
Yajima Kenichi as Sasaki Katsunori
Miyata Sanae as Sasaki Azusa
Aijima Kazuyuki as Bando Shiro
Nakamura Yuri as Oda Ayane
Satoi Kenta as Fujito Toshihisa
Yusuke Santamaria as Abiru Yoshinori
Takaoka Saki as Yabuki Yoko
Iura Arata as Suma Yasuomi
Okada Yoshinori as Okao Shinya

Mystery, Thriller, Detective

After losing her sister years ago at the hands of a murdering stalker, Sasaki Rena vows to find the private detective who provided the killer with in-depth information about her sister. Left with thoughts of revenge and a broken family, Sasaki Rena devotes her life to learning the ways of private detectives and bringing the corrupt ones to justice…usually in her own way, which often included blood and bruises.

Sasaki Rena is a smart detective and also a capable fighter. Her life spirals more and more into danger as she gets closer to the truth about the private detective behind her sister’s murder. Along the way, she befriends a new detective at her firm as well as a inquisitive cop. What will happen as Rena discovers more secrets about her new partner Minemori Kotoha? As Sasaki Rena closes in on the mysterious detective, will she be able to survive all the attempts on her life? Will those responsible for her sister’s death finally be brought to justice?

I literally could not wait for the next episodes to come out. The actress playing Sasaki Rena, Kitagawa Keiko, played her role very well. She definitely looked the part and was 110% badass. I personally liked this drama a lot because she portrayed the type of character that I love watching. The cast was amazing and always had me guessing who could be bad and who was good. The story had twists that kept me wondering what would come next. There were also a few emotional scenes which I loved a lot too. The story wasn’t very realistic but I still thought it was very nicely written. There was always something going on and there was a lot of action. Also, by letting Keiko not always succeed helped give her a more interesting and dynamic character. Ultimately she does change for the better.

If you are looking for a quick rush with a kick-butt female lead, I highly recommend this drama.



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