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To Watch:

Lee Joon as Yoon San
Oh Jung Se as Yong Goo Hyung
Oh Hee Joon as young Goo Hyung (ep6)
Lee Se Young as Han Gyeo Wool
Lee Chung Ah as Yo Na / Eun Hye
Jo Bok Rae as Kang Tae Woo
Kim Yoon Hye as Jung Yoo Jin
Ahn Se Ha as Detective Park
Kim Ki Moo as Doctor Hwang
Jei as Se Ra
Choi Gwi Hwa as Jang Tae Shik
Kim Young Jae as Kim Gyung Soo
Choi Song Hyun as Seo Seung Hee

Mystery, Suspense, Crime, Supernatural

A tragic past. Yoon San, an ex-police trainee, was betrayed by those he thought he could trust, and almost paid the price with his life. After the incident, Yoon San joins his friend and mentor Goo Hyung and work on small cases as private detectives.

The pair start getting requests for very strange and gruesome cases that start to connect with their pasts. On one particular case they meet Han Gyeo Wool and due to unforeseen consequences, they end up taking her in and she helps them on their cases.

What happens when Yoon San and Goo Hyung’s dark past begins to resurface? How does the existence of vampires begin to play into these crimes? What happens when Yoon San begins to realize that he has supernatural powers?

Review: (warning possible spoilers)
The suspense, the character development, and also the overall production quality of this drama really kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved this show. That’s not to say it was perfect by any means, but I was really drawn in. There are certain plot holes and story logic that didn’t always make sense to me, but hey, it’s a vampire drama they can surely get away with anything.

The character development between all the major players including Yo Na was really heartfelt. There were so many scenes with spectacular performances from Lee Chung Ah, Goo Hyung, and sometimes Lee Se Young. Expressions of anger, disbelief, cruelty, and even redemption and sadness were all so moving. Lee Joon as Yoon San didn’t really work for me, as his acting seemed very two dimensional at best, but I guess he wanted to play that way by incorporating his character’s past into his expressions. Lee Chung Ah plays the evil mastermind but is still able to portray the remnants of her “humanity”. Lee Se Young also plays a very limited expression role as sort of the aloof but bad ass character, but she does so with such great expressions especially with her eyes and sass.

The story itself was probably the weakest part of this drama. I felt like the drama started off well with individual cases in each episode, but just sort of dropped off into episodes mainly about the overall story line. I really liked the individual cases a lot, but they probably cut that short due to the 12 episode length of this drama. You can ALMOST never go wrong with vampires. Dark, broody, and that struggle against feeding never gets old. I would love to see a season two and finally see Yoon San hook up with Gyeo Wool.

Overall a fun, dark drama with a chemistry filled cast and awesome music. 🙂



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