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Episode 3 Part 2

Uncle: Then I guess its decided that we’ll let Hao Yun move back in for awhile.

Voice on Radio: Ahh, our Cai Yun plays so well. (piano)

Man’s Voice on Radio: That small guy he sure does have talent.

Cai Yun on Radio: Dad, Mom, Hao Yun, I play really well right?

Woman’s voice: Cai Yun’s dad…

Father: Don’t listen to it anymore. Do you want me to throw even this away?

Mother: To throw away all of Cai Yun’s things, will we be able to forget Cai Yun? When Hao Yun was gone these days, I thought a lot about the past.

Father: Honey.

Mother: If Cai Yun was still alive, he must have become a successful pianist already right?

Father: Must you keep living in the past?

Mother: I know.

Hao Yun: Did anyone beg for you to save me? If you have the ability you shouldn’t get hurt yourself. (She is talking to her dead brother I guess. Mmmm Shin Ramen, good brand. :P) Grandma!

Grandmother: Sister! You can’t sleep? (She has some mental problems so she sometimes calls people as if she were younger.)

Hao Yun: Mom and Dad both don’t know. Actually, Grandma, I can play the piano pretty well.

Grandmother: They are all idiots!

Hao Yun: Oh right, you haven’t heard me play the piano yet right?

Grandmother: Sister don’t cry! Who ever cries is a stupid person!

Hao Yun: I’m fine. Thank you! To repay you, next time I will definitely play the piano for you okay?

Grandmother: Pinky promise!

Hao Yun: Grandmother will always support me.

Uncle: Gosh! Where can this child have gone now? Wei?

Xiao Mei: Big brother! I can’t get in touch with Hao Yun. I was wondering if she was with you? My family has some trouble and I’m heading over there right now.

Uncle: Hao Yun came home.

Xiao Mei: Wei Wei? (hello hello?)

Uncle: But she disappeared again. Hello? Can you hear me?

Xiao Mei: Ughh, out of batteries. So she already went home.

Father: Where is Hao Yun?

Uncle: She probably went home.

Father: Tell her to make sure her doors and windows are closed.

Uncle: I understand.

Father: Not sleeping yet?

Uncle: Yes, I’m going to sleep now.

Hao Yun’s father stays out a while outside. Then we change back to Zhi Hao at work.

Stranger: Miss! Miss! Miss! Don’t leave Miss! Miss! Miss!

Voiceover: China is such a big place. If I ever meet you again I’ll become your servant. When that time comes I’ll do whatever you tell me to do.

Hao Yun: Let me tell you. Just then that person was a shameless man, who would even try to harass a girl as young as his own daughter. Do you think that even makes sense? Gosh if I hadn’t been tricked I would have been sleeping comfortably on my own bed singing “Tian Mi Mi” (famous song in China I think). (singing) Your laugh is so sweet…
Ughh, what sweet? I’ve had bad luck all the way home. (An expression). I guess the ancient people are right, when you have bad luck even drinking water will get stuck between your teeth. Let me tell you, I am the example of that unlucky person. It’s so weird, you said China’s population is so large, but why must the person getting tricked be me?

Zhi Hao: Aren’t you tired?

Hao Yun: I’m not tired.

Zhi Hao: I am tired from listening to you. Do you need me to block your mouth?

Hao Yun: Wasn’t that just an accident? I’m warning you, if you think of doing anything weird, I will yell. You better be careful.

Zhi Hao: What?

Hao Yun: I’m saying if you don’t act politely I will never forgive you.

Zhi Hao: You have too much self-confidence do you? I brought you here today is because you said you have nowhere to go. Also, last time when I slapped you, I am still a little regretful. Last time, it was because I really didn’t know you were a girl. I never hit girls. I really saw…

Hao Yun has already passed out on the bed so she did not hear any of his honest thoughts. In the middle of the night, Hao Yun seems to really have to go to the bathroom but can’t find it!

Zhi Hao: What are you doing? The bathroom is over there.

He gets up out of bed to check up on Hao Yun.

Zhi Hao: I really don’t know why I brought you home.

Father: I’m heading out.

Mother: Can you wait just a moment? It’s such a hot day today, you have to eat some fruit. I packed a lot, just eat it yourself later.

Father: It looks like you’ve spent a lot of time packing this, but what should I do? The soccer team’s owner changed so we only have morning practice. In the afternoon everyone has to attend the ceremony.

Mother: Are you wearing this there?

Father: Is there something wrong with it?

Mother: This is someone’s welcome ceremony, no matter what you say you have to dress for the occasion. (not sure if this translation is accurate). You are the coach.

Father: Forget it. Any suit should be fine. For a soccer coach, wearing the sports uniform is the best looking.

Mother: I am too lazy to worry about you, just do it your way. (She says this in a loving way, it’s not meant to be negative.)

Father: Hao Yun hasn’t called home yet?

Mother: She did call.

Father: No matter what you think she is still in the wrong. Leaving without letting us know is that acceptable? You should ask her, is she becoming thick-skinned again?

Mother: She must have had some urgent matter to attend to. Don’t always act so mean toward Hao Yun.

Father: Tell her she has to call home in the morning afternoon and night everyday.

Mother: I understand.

Father: Mother. Your son-in-law me will be out and back very soon.

Grandmother: Okay okay okay! Uncle go well.

Father: Yes.

Uncle and Brother: Be safe on the road.

Father: Do you work well. Listen to your teacher carefully.

Mother: Don’t worry anymore, just be on your way. Uncle…did Hao Yun contact you yet?

Uncle: She should contact me very soon.

Hao Yun: Why does my whole body hurt?

Zhi Hao’s letter: The nanny said she will be here at 10 in the morning. When you leave make sure you close the door, it will lock by itself. Also, I hope that you will never appear before me.

Hao Yun: Who wants to say these things? He is always stealing my lines what is the meaning of this? Over these past 25 years I’ve always been pure, not even my small dog has kissed me. All because of that lucky rascal. Eh, that’s not right. Hao Yun is my name (??) this is an injustice. Wow, who knew that you had a lot of gas? (not sure what jie pi is although pi means fart gas and jie can mean to abstain or to quit. The bottle might have been some kind of medicine for farting?). I’m pissed!

At a public telephone.

Hao Yun: Wei? Is this Xiao Mei? Xiao Mei!

Xiao Mei: Hao Yun!

Hao Yun: Damn you girl! Why do you only pick up the phone now? Do you know how much I suffered these two days?

Xiao Mei: Let’s talk about this later, hurry up and come here!

Hao Yun: What?

Xiao Mei: That trickster has been caught!

Hao Yun: What!

Hao Yun runs into the police station and meets Xiao Mei.

Hao Yun: Has our money been found?

Xiao Mei: It’s all gone.

Hao Yun: Uncle! Uncle! Hurry up and return the money to us! Return it to us! Uncle! Our money! Return us our money!

Policeman: Miss, Miss, please calm damn, calm down. Calm down. Listen to me, its already been addressed before. Your money is already all gone. Not even a penny is left. A person like him, we will punish him severely. Take him away.

Hao Yun: No no it can’t be lie this. It can’t be. Big brother policeman. He can go to prison for all I care, as long as he returns our money to us. He can’t just leave like this!! He still has a place to stay but I can’t even go home! Do you know how much I’ve suffered these past few days. I don’t care about all this. So much suffering! Grandmother!

Policeman: Calm her down can you?

Xiao Mei: Wait, the time isn’t up yet. She has to yell until she says “Cai Si” and then she will stop.

Policeman: What?

Hao Yun: Dad! Mom! Uncle! Cai Si!

Later on Hao Yun and Xiao Mei sit together outside.

Hao Yun: Hey, keep fighting. Our money is already all gone. It’s fine that the criminal has been caught already. Even though we can’t get the money back, but he can’t trick anymore people ever again. Don’t look at how unlucky I’ve been ever since I was small, this is all God’s training for me. It is because he believes I can pass the tests. That’s right.

Xiao Mei: That’s right.

Hao Yun: what?

Xiao Mei: Where did you sleep last night? There was no one at my aunt’s house and you didn’t go home to sleep.

Hao Yun: The world is so big, how can there not be a peaceful haven for me?

Xiao Mei: Do you know how worried big brother was for you?

Hao Yun: Big brother?

Xiao Mei: Wei? Okay, just wait a moment. Okay, I understand. Hao Yun? She doesn’t have time to be picky. He couldn’t reach your cell phone so he called me. Hurry and go, you must save your life. The pianist suddenly can’t make it. What, you don’t want to go?

Hao Yun: I have no time to be picky I will take anything you give me.

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Episode 01 Part 1 Summary:

Zhi Hao, because of his friend’s last wishes, takes in the child. This little boy changes Zhi Hao’s life forever.

Xi Yan: I still have a card up my sleeve, try to delay it as long as possible.
Guests: Congratulations Director Wang.

Ming Wei: It’s not like you don’t know her temper.
Zhi Hao’s father comes and asks what is going on with the wedding. Why is Xi Yan not here yet?
Ming Wei: Everything will be fine, don’t worry.
Zhi Hao’s father: Letting the guests wait is very impolite.

Ming Wei: She’s still not ready, we have to wait some more.
The wedding music begins to play, Ming Wei takes the com and tells them to stop.

Hao Yun rides her bike in a rush.
Store Manager: Hao Yun! Where are you off to?
Hao Yun: I’m going to attend a wedding! I’ll see you later!
Store Manager: Ok! I wish you Hao Yun (good luck in Chinese).

Usher: Miss, what are you doing here?
Hao Yun: I’m here to play the piano. Oh, I’m so late!

Hao Yun: Hey, why are they all leaving?
Hao Yun tries get her paycheck from the supervisor.
Hao Yun: Give me my money please! I turned down a lot of other jobs to come here! Now I’m here. My mom always told me not to do business for no profit!
Supervisor: Ok, ok, I can compensate your travel fare, but you didn’t even play the piano. Are you a theif?
Hao Yun: It’s not my fault the wedding didn’t work out! Please give me my money.

Ming Wei: This is your piano playing money. Is it enough?
Hao Yun: Why are you giving me money? Are you giving this to me? Is it mine?
Ming Wei: You don’t believe me?
Hao Yun: It’s not that. I’m a person who always meets with bad luck, when something good happens I’m always skeptical.
Ming Wei: I just don’t want anybody attending my little brother’s wedding to have any loss.
Hao Yun: Thank you so much. There are indeed good people left in this world!

Xi Yan: I’m sorry Zhi Hao, I have some urgent matters to attend to. I need to leave. I’ll be back. You have to wait for me.
Zhi Hao talks to Xi Yan about what happened. How could she do such a thing with so many guests present. Does she love her work that much? Xi Yan asks if all she has to do is apologize to them.
Zhi Hao: I told them you were sick so you couldn’t come. You better go home and rest. I’m setting our next wedding date three months from now.
Xi Yan: How can you decide the date by yourself? Why didn’t you discuss it with me?

Zhi Hao: I’m asking if you wanted to go in and see Zhou Ming?
Xi Yan: Why? Why must I see him before I leave?
Zhi Hao: You are asking why?
Xi Yan: That’s right, I’m asking because I don’t know.

Xi Yan: After we are married, I’ll see him everyday.
Zhi Hao: What you’re saying is that you don’t want to meet him?
Xi Yan: This is what you are saying, It didn’t come from my mouth. And yes, about Zhou Ming, there was something I wanted to talk to you about. After we are married, can we let him…
Zhi Hao: Xi Yan!
Xi Yan: That’s right, I don’t want to see him.

Xi Yan: I don’t want to suffer like this. I won’t lie to you. I am not happy to have to live with Zhou Ming.
Zhi Hao: You say unhappy? Didn’t you say before you were happy to let Zhou Ming be your son? Now you are saying you are not happy?
Xi Yan: Yes, I said that before, but now the circumstances are different. I just want to live alone with you for awhile.

Xi Yan: Anyways, about Zhou Ming, I’ve already said my mind. The wedding is about both of us, I hope you can think from my perspective for once. You are tired, go in and rest first. I’ll come by some other day to see Zhou Ming.

Hao Yun and Xiao Mei are about to sign a contract for an apartment. Hao Yun is a little doubtful of this particular place. Hao Yun tells Xiao Mei that she has a weird premonition about today. She got money, more money than she would have gotten, and she didn’t even play the piano. The manager shows them around. The apartment is both clean and nice looking, but Hao Yun asks the manager why the owner wants to sell it so cheaply. The manager tells them that the owner was sent to the states and was anxious to rent it out. Xiao Mei asks the manager to forgive Hao Yun for being nosy. Hao Yun always gets bad luck. The manager is fine with it, he tells them people in their profession have to be upstanding an honest.

Hao Yun and Xiao Mei are ecstatic that they have finally moved out of their homes. Hao Yun hasn’t told her own parents yet though.
Hao Yun: I should have told them a long time ago, but my dad isn’t the average father. Xiao Mei, you won’t understand. Father! Just promise to let me live here!

Hao Yun: I’m moving out. Can I?
Hao Yun: Dad, I want to move out. I want to be independent!

Hao Yun: Brother!

Zhi Hao’s father arrives in a black car. His friend and doctor advises him to go to the hospital and check on his body. He thinks back at his memories of his wife and son, Zhi Hao.
Doctor: Young miss! Be more careful!
Zhi Hao’s father: It’s alright. Let’s go.
Hao Yun: Hey, this isn’t just my fault. Eh! At least you should say a sorry.

Hao Yun’s father: How can you just leave the door open like this?
Hao Yun’s mother: If our son came back and the door was locked, then he wouldn’t be able to get in.
Hao Yun’s father: This is the last time.
Hao Yun’s mother: What do you mean?
Hao Yun’s father: How can we prepare this every year?
Hao Yun’s mother: I do this of my own will.
Hao Yun’s father: A son that left this world before before his parents.

Hao Yun’s mother: I will remember him.

Hao Yun’s mother: Even if it is just this one day of the year, I want to make him a good meal, why can’t you understand?

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